DENSO ADAS / AD Automated driving with reliability

Five Key Functions

Protected case.1

Information security system protects the vehicle

DENSO will add advanced cyber security to the vehicle to avoid future accidents.


Defense in Depth structure protects the vehicle system from the attack.

In the automated driving era, a new type of traffic accident is forecasted. For example, the vehicle control system may be hacked and controlled from outside. DENSO is proposing a Defense in Depth system to protect the vehicle from the threat of controlling the vehicle from outside.


Vehicle Cyber Security

Protected case.2

Just in Case

DENSO answer to safety.


2-Drive EPS system can keep the steering function even when one system breaks down.

*EPS:Electric Power Steering

Split a Single Function in Two, to Provide Mutual Support. Our Answer to Safety.

DENSO has developed the world's first 2-Drive EPS, and delivered added new value to the EPS.

2-Drive EPS is composed of two independent electronic circuits and motor coils, and normally produces power assistance by the dual system.


2-Drive EPS test Significant safety improvement

If by some remote chance one system malfunctions, the EPS is designed to maintain a smooth drive by instantly continuing the steering assist with the remaining system. This raises the safety of turning function to an exceptionally high degree.



2-Drive EPS