DENSO ELECTRIFICATION Bringing Harmony between People and the Planet DENSO Electrification / Bringing Harmony between People and the Planet


Yujin Gotoda DENSO Corporation
Electrification Systems Development Division, Director

“The more beautiful the earth is, the better life can be.”
Dreaming of such a bright future, DENSO’s electrification team is developing new systems and products every day.

When I think of the future of transportation, it reminds me of watching movies and cartoons as a child, when futuristic cars would fly silently through the sky. For us to achieve such a clean and happy future, we are developing electrification products and systems for all transportation needs.

We are currently working on an electrification system that can recover kinetic, thermal and electric energy by connecting information about the vehicle’s systems with what is happening outside of the vehicle. By understanding traffic conditions and driving style, we can maximize fuel economy and reduce energy loss, while maintaining a positive driving experience.
DENSO’s Electrification Group, has been working on vehicle electrification for more than 20 years. We continue to refine our technologies by collaborating with our engineers in the Thermal and Info & Safety Groups to create an algorithm which will achieve the highest efficiency for the whole vehicle system.

Temporary Assignment to Electrification Components Eng. Div.1

I am an Application Engineer, currently on assignment at DENSO Headquarters in Japan (DNJP), working on the system design and development of the Electric Hybrid Inverter.

My career with DENSO started in 2015, when I hired into DENSO International America (DIAM) after a varied career involving facility management and engine testing. I had participated in a study abroad program in Japan during my college years, and had kept up some of my Japanese language ability since that time. Although my previous job had many exciting and challenging aspects, I wanted a career with ties to Japan, where I could improve my Japanese language ability, and use that skill to make a positive global impact.

I was very excited to join the inverter team at DIAM. Although the inverter team is relatively new at DIAM, it is filled with dedicated individuals who were able to get me up to speed quickly and empowered me to take on many challenges. When the opportunity came to work as part of the design team at DNJP, I jumped at the chance. Here I have the opportunity to see the development side of the inverter and the careful process of ensuring a quality design. I also get to interface with the many other teams that support the inverter such as quality, process engineering, manufacturing, and prototyping to name a few. Here, I have so many opportunities. I “get my hands dirty,” performing necessary testing to prove operation and design concepts, and use many tools to identify the root cause of prototype failures. I coordinate many groups to meet and negotiate customer timeline and requirements. I will soon begin component design which requires the use of many engineering tools, as well as proper use of DENSO internal knowledge, and the review and approval of my higher-ups and peers.

I hope to bring back to DIAM my vast array of experiences here at DNJP, to help build up our team and more smoothly meet the future demands of our customers. I also hope that this immersion in the Japanese team and the DENSO WAY will help me bridge communication and knowledge gaps, so we are able to answer future needs better and faster to keep pace with the ever changing global automotive climate.


I am now working 7 years at DENSO Aachen Engineering Centre, Wegberg, and the responsible Senior Manager for ELECTRIFICATION Europe.
I have 11 years working-experience in Japan as a mechanical engineer (test-facilities for racing-applications; supporting development of low CO2-powertrains with German technology). I was strongly interested in Japanese culture and language, furthermore, heavily inspired by Japanese way of working with all one’s passion.
DENSO was my customer and known to me as a TIER1 for PT-components, at highest quality standards. Just before I joined DENSO Germany in 2011, DENSO made huge investments for Electrification to boost strong electrification pre-development in Europe. That truly motivated me, so I decided to carry out the mission by combining the best of German and Japanese working style for the development of future automotive technology and to spread Electrification throughout the world.
I lead a highly motivated and talented team in AEC and with my Japanese experience, I try to inspire and lead my colleagues in Japan as well.
With our local expertise, we develop precious input for future Electrification products (Power Control Units, Electric Motors, Controls, etc.). We also optimize prototypes using state-of-the-art test-facilities.
With DENSO’s history in excellent design and highly sophisticated production, our global team (NOT just EU team!) is ready to pave the way for effective CO2-reduction and driving pleasure of electrified cars. We support the development of high power, high efficiency products and work on development tools to make Emobility more affordable.
With completely diverse team, we will make quite a new style of development, which is needed to create real innovative products.
I wish to expand our global team by more excellent engineers, with an open mind-set and strong interest to work in a high-tech company, being part of a highly committed global team, continuously striving for the development excellence of future innovative Emobility products. As a powerful team we will contribute to environmental protection and provide the necessary driving pleasure at highest comfort and safety standards.
Let’s pave the way for wide Electrification with DENSO technology.

Electrification Engineering Dept.

“The sky is more blue, water is more clear, we live happier”, This is my dream the same with many people.

I majored in Automotive engineering in university and learned about traditional vehicle. I chose my major as I am interested in vehicle, a car take us to here and there, our life has further freedom. However environment pollution becomes heavier and heavier, vehicle’s pollution makes us to do hard choice, public transportation to protect environment ? own a car to have further freedom and ignore environment problem?
After university I am working for DICH technical center. It is lucky I got a 3 year training in DNJP, during that time I studied hybrid vehicle system and designed some part for inverter. Car using advanced hybrid technology will not pollute environment, it is an honor that I can design and do some application of inverter.

May DENSO get more hybrid market in China and I hope we can do more in DICH in the near future!

Product Engineering Department, Assistant General Manager

Assistant General Manager, Product Engineering Department (Alternator & starter motor), DENSO INDIA LIMITED. Joined in 2008. Background: After graduating in Electrical Engineering, from Kurukshetra University, I started my career as an Engineer in 2001 with an Indian manufacturer of Alternator & Starter Motors, which was more cost-oriented than quality-driven. I was curious about DENSO design & product reliability, which never seemed to fail.

I joined DENSO India Product Engineering department in 2008. I trained in Japan for a year in Alternator & Starter design from 2009. On my return, I was assigned to work on High Efficiency (HE) Alternators. HE Alternators contribute to the improved fuel economy of vehicles. The challenge was to make a low cost product for India through localization of components. The main challenge was to maintain global quality levels : Japan has well-maintained processes and raw material controls. In India it was harder to ensure localised production with robust processes and with the same grade raw materials.

I used my previous experience of low cost products and combined it with DENSO’s rigorous quality requirements. I collaborated with other departments at DENSO India to work on improving local process and ensuring high quality of component parts and raw materials to meet design requirements. As a result, we successfully introduced high quality low cost HE Alternators and they have been adopted in almost 40% of cars in the Indian market.

DENSO has given me chance to develop my professional career and improve my personal human values. As natural resources of crude oil deplete and global warming increases, in part due to high CO2 emissions from vehicles, the world is moving towards Hybrid & Electric vehicles. My dream is to work on Advance Technology for these vehicle systems in India and to introduce this technology in the most cost effective manner. I want to contribute to greener technology to preserve natural resources for future generations to come .

Masahiko Ito Electrification Components Eng. Div. 2
Joined in 2014

I graduated with a degree in electric and electronics engineering from my university. After graduation, I worked as a systems engineer on railway inverters. I learned that the inverter system for trains had already been standardized, and there were few opportunities for developing new solutions or seeing the final product featured in a train.
I became unsatisfied as I wanted to see the impact of my work. I became interested in the automotive industry, where I joined DENSO and uncovered that there are many opportunities for development, including electrification, autonomous driving and much more. In particular, I was attracted to the way DENSO develops and evaluates their products and the impact they have on the whole vehicle system.
After joining DENSO, I became involved in the development of Li-ion battery electronic control unit (ECU), which monitors the battery state, such as cell voltage, temperature and electrical leakages. The battery, which can extend driving distances for hybrid and electric vehicles, must be operated safely, and the battery ECU plays a key role in controlling the battery and maintaining stability. The development I am doing is definitely rewarding because the ECU is being improved in many functions, such as accurately monitoring the battery status and implementing security measures to protect from any failures.
The demand for battery ECUs continues to increase, as the industry moves toward more electrification. My goal is to develop a battery ECU that is needed by our customers, while delivering the advantages of DENSO’s technology to the world.