DENSO F-IoT ひとを幸せにするモノづくり

Mitsuru Kato

Mitsuru Kato
Director, Innovative Production & Factory Promotion Division.

After completing a master’s course in graduate school, I came to DENSO where I was engaged in the development of technology/systems, process design, and global expansion related to the manufacturing of motors. My goal is not to just produce what some may call an “inorganic factory”. I do not want to aid in the development of Factory IoT just for the improvements in efficiencies and labor costs. Rather, I want to develop Factory IoT to help fire up the creativity of people who continually create new products and services. I would like people to grow within their roles at DENSO and participate in a truly MONOZUKURI environment. Making full use of the special characteristics of IoT will enable the transmission of information in real time, across the gaps of time zones and physical space. This is the true purpose of the worldwide DENSO-style Factory IoT goals.

By definition, MONOZUKURI means to produce things well, but there is a spirit of MONOZUKURI that is very much alive. In the spirit of MONOZUKURI, a skillful person with a creative mind and pure soul creates desirable and beautiful things that excite our customers and bring great joy, satisfactions, and happiness to everyone that touches our products. DENSO-style Factory IoT will create a world where pertinent information is delivered in a timely manner to an individual to notify of issues and to help efficiently solve problems that may arise.

I know there will be many challenges presented by the Factory IoT project but I’m excited to put all of my efforts into this work to benefit the DENSO people and our factories all around the world.

Teresa L Hansen

Teresa L Hansen Section Leader - Engineering, DENSO MANUFACTURING MICHIGAN,INC
TAC IoT Department

Background: I started at DMMI in 1989. I was a college student at Western Michigan University studying Electrical Engineering. I was the first intern hired by DMMI. I worked in the Quality Department while attending the university. After graduation, I became a full-time Quality Engineer working with suppliers and customers on mass production issues and New Product Launch projects. The customer I worked with most over the next 6 years was Toyota. Following a reorganization, the Quality Department separated into a Customer Service Group and a Supplier Group. I moved to the Supplier Group and soon became the Supervisor over that group. In 2004, I was moved to the Internal audit and QS9000 certification department. I was assigned to restructure the Quality Management System and assure DMMI became ISO/TS16949 certified. In parallel, KAORU HIBINO (Rick), assigned me to start building a electronic network that supported the data links between business processes that aligned and supported ISO/TS16949 and customer requirements.

So, the Engineering, Production, Inspection, Quality, Safety (EPIQS) system was born in 2004 and I was the first programmer assigned to it! The system started as a Microsoft ACCESS system but has grown into a sophisticated web-based system. In 2016, I was assigned to the TAC IoT Department, under Raja Shembekar. My EPIQS development team (6 Software Development Engineers) became the TAC IoT Team.

Themes Currently Working On: I am working to build a DENSO Smart Factory. EPIQS currently has 3,013 active users from 23 different plants, including DNJP! Its has 20 modules that share linked data tables and we are building more! Additionally, we are working with vendor partners to connect the machines in production areas to collect machine performance data real-time. The lines we are currently connecting are GIC and GSR with the COA HVAC line closely following. Through EPIQS and machine performance data, we are hoping to make great improvements to both direct and indirect productivity.
Future Dreams: I hope to build partnerships with software & technology vendors that compliment the EPIQS software so we can develop a DENSO IoT solution that can be scaled up quickly and expand across North America and perhaps Global. I believe by combining DENSO Innovation with cutting edge technology we can create the "Smartest Factory" in the world today! To watch my tiny little software concept grow into something so powerful for DENSO is a dream come true for me and my TAC IoT Team!


Head of Department ,General Manager,
Production engineering Department
Maintenance & Facilitiy, Safety/Health Department

I'm Eduard Macià, Production Engineering General Manager from DENSO BARCELONA. I started to work in DNBA 20 year ago, as a Process Engineer and I developed my career inside DENSO in several jobs, projects and responsibilities. Work in one of the most global important automotive Tier 1 supplier in the world was a key motivation at that time. Be always in the cutting edge technology is a continuous challenge for any engineer. DENSO give you this chance to develop your professional career and improve your personal human values.

To be the most competitive Electronics manufacturing company in the EU we have to implement a flexible, automated, connected (IoT) and smart factory with the best prepared and talented employees (specially engineers) Today the technology is moving very fast and the process are changing continuously, take the best technical decision at any time is basic to succeed in our field. Be ready and prepared as engineers, both technical skills and management competencies, is our commitment as a company.

We're in a new era, where nothing will be as before and we must be as engineers prepared to face these new challenges, specially in the IoT field: Connectivity, Big Data, Manufacturing 4.0 (MES), Security data and so on. Another clear direction is the process automation to increase our efficiency, quality and safety. The new co-robots (Collaborative Robots) offer us several interesting possibilities, the new AOI technologies open new chances to inspect the products quickly, easily and with high reliability and explore the new logistics systems like AIC (Automatic Intelligent Vehicles) to eliminate wastes in parts/products transfers open us new opportunities in the manufacturing fields.

My dream is to achieve the best manufacturing plant through the new technologies, especially IoT and Automation with the most talented and prepared engineering team, to become the best global automotive supplier in the world!!!

Dan Yakabe

Dan Yakabe Project Assistant Manager, Factory IoT Promotion Sect. Innovative Production & Factory Promotion Division, Joined in 2016

In the aftermath of the March 2011 Great East Japan earthquake, I came to realize the importance and need for innovation and improvements within Japan’s energy industry. I soon started working in the energy industry, motivated to help Japan recover and move past the 2011 disaster. After working in the energy industry for several years I decided to apply to the DP Factory IoT Innovation Lab so I could take part in the new and emerging Factory IoT business. I was allured at the prospect of becoming a pioneer in the IoT business and earning the same sense of accomplishment that comes with doing worthwhile and innovative work.

After graduating from college, I engaged in the development of design information systems for the manufacturing industry, delivery and metering systems for electric companies, and energy management systems at a system integrator for large electronics manufacturers. Subsequently, I transferred to the banking systems department and was engaged in security-related development for Internet banking systems intended for Japan's largest corporations.

The Factory IoT concept is to build a system to collect all factory information, particularly 5M1E (*), to reduce product defects, and to prevent operational losses due to defective equipment. I am in charge of the design and development of the architecture of this system. Because IoT is not a mature technology, first a system is built using an agile process, which is validated through trial and error while reviewing the requirements and technology. My mission is to create a system by the year 2018 that reduces the time that people operating the production lines must use for improvements by connecting to and collecting information from our factories all over the world. This data will help us work towards a reduction in product and equipment defects.

(※) Man (worker), Machine (machines and equipment), Material (raw materials and materials), Method (work method), Measurement (analysis), and Environment (environment)

The DENSO concept of IoT is not limited to the internal workings of DENSO factories. My goal is to link information from product design to the design of processes and lines, after-sales service, and autonomous driving technology, as well as information from partners and OEMs, and even that of society. My aim is to be an engineer that can be active in various fields, whether in or outside of Japan, through IoT.

Asami Takada

Asami Takada Project Assistant Manager, Factory IoT Promotion Sect. Innovative Production & Factory Promotion Division, Joined in 2016

As a result of my father’s emergency transport to the hospital, I decided to transfer to a location that would bring me closer to home. I felt the appeal of creating systems using the cutting-edge technology in projects provided by a company called DP (DENSO PROJECT), and so I applied to the DP Factory IoT Innovation Lab.

After graduating college, I was engaged mainly in the development of a network to support internal systems within the bank at a system integrator for banks.

I was engaged in the selection of tools and screen specifications that feel familiar and can be used without being a burden by all the end-users operating the factory, including upper-level management (business managers) and plant managers that run the plants, along with the production technologists and workers on the plant floor. Information is connected by IoT, making a never seen before change in the way we work. As a result, my mission is to create mechanisms that pursue the happiness and satisfaction of all the people operating the factories.

DENSO IoT is a global project that lifts society. At DENSO, a foundation for supporting new challenges with many opportunities for new experiences exists. I am excited at the opportunity to, for the first time in my life, work with factories outside of Japan and all over the world and to be involved in the development of these new and exciting technologies.

Daisuke Nogi

Daisuke Nogi Factory IoT Promotion Sect. Innovative Production & Factory Promotion Division, Joined in 2010

After graduating college, I was assigned to the Industrial Machinery Division at DENSO. I was engaged in controls design of in-house production machines, focussing on assembly machines. In my fourth year after joining the company, I was sent to DENSO Thailand, the location of the Asian merger of the Industrial Machinery Division. I learned the basics as a global machine designer, from concept to design to machine adjustments on our production lines throughout Asia. After returning to my position in Japan, I changed to my present job to be engaged in Factory IoT. I was excited to work with IoT technologies to help break through the issues I saw working in the overseas manufacturing plants, such as the difficulty of sharing information and the fluidity of personnel.

I will be building a system intended to stand on the front line of KAIZEN activities for our three target factories that should achieve the DENSO-style Factory IoT. The current focus is on the promotion of process improvement, starting with changes in the factory, and to make the know-how of people, who are DENSO’s core strength, explicit knowledge that can be used effectively in best practices worldwide. As a result, I will be working to validate our data collection systems, finding patterns and meaning within the data, and investigating how it should be stored and shared with people.

My dream is to achieve a factory that overthrows the conventional concept of a factory at DENSO. I aspire to create factories where people are intellectually stimulated and where curiosity and great ideas are shared without regard to borders, through MONOZUKURI. As a result, I believe that the technology of IoT is an indispensable key. I thinks it would be great if a place can be created that consists of the creation of people, things, and concepts using Factory IoT.