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Corporate Social Responsibility
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CSR Framework
The DENSO Group Declaration of Corporate Behavior
CSR Activities


DENSO believes that contributing to the sustained development of society through corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities also helps to support the continued growth of the Group. Consequently, in conjunction with our economic contribution to society through our business results, we are also working to enhance our contribution in the environmental and social spheres. With this in mind, we have established a dedicated CSR Promotion Center to strengthen Group-wide CSR activities that befit a company like DENSO.

Our CSR activities have earned high marks outside the Group. One example is DENSO's inclusion in two socially responsible investment indices: the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for the sixth year running and the Ethibel Sustainability Index (ESI) from June 2004.

CSR Framework

DENSO has created a shared CSR framework for the entire Group to systemize an emphasis on CSR across all its activities.

CSR Framework

The DENSO Group Declaration of Corporate Behavior

Formulated in April 2006, this declaration sits at the heart of our CSR activities. It defines our policy on relationships with stakeholders in terms of the kind of corporate activities we need to implement to contribute to the sustained development of society.

CSR Activities

The DENSO Group is putting added emphasis on three key areas in its CSR activities: environmental protection, social contribution and workforce diversity. Below, we explain these areas in more detail.

Environmental Protection

In November 2005, we formulated DENSO EcoVision 2015, which sets out our new environmental action policy and defines our basic environmental strategy. In line with DENSO EcoVision 2015, we are working to coexist with society and the environment based on four key approaches: enhancing the development of environmentally friendly products; ascertaining then reducing the volume of CO² emitted by all our corporate activities; steadily reducing our global environmental impact; and reinforcing Group-wide environmental management. Below, we explain the first two areas in more detail.

  1. Enhancing the development of environmentally friendly products
    As a supplier of automotive components and systems, the DENSO Group believes that developing technologies and products that reduce the environmental impact of automobiles is vital to the sustained development of society. Concrete examples of these efforts in fiscal 2006 included the following: (a) newly launched products that improve vehicle fuel efficiency, such as the world's lightest alternator with a high output of 220 amperes; a lightweight automotive small motor that weighs 40% less than conventional models; and a compact, lightweight, low-cost front-end module (FEM); (b) the development and launch of products for hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) such as DC-DC converters, batterymonitoring units and system main relays for the Lexus GS450h; and (c) the development and launch of a 1,800bar diesel common rail system with highly responsive piezo injectors that realizes significantly cleaner exhaust gas emissions. All of these products are part of DENSO's efforts to help protect the global environment.

  2. Ascertaining then reducing the volume of CO² emitted by all our corporate activities
    Aiming to help prevent global warming, DENSO is working to reduce emissions of CO² in every area of its operations. These activities go beyond product and technology development to encompass manufacturing, logistics and administration divisions, as well as the actions of individual employees.

    In fiscal 2006, in addition to our existing objectives, we established and began working to achieve new global targets for reducing CO² emissions. Specifically, we have publicly announced our commitment to reducing Group-wide emissions of CO² by 20% (volume of emissions in manufacturing divisions per unit of net sales: unit of production) by 2010 compared to 2000.

    Initiatives in fiscal 2006 toward achieving this reduction in CO² emissions included visualizing and standardizing the groundbreaking energy-saving technologies and expertise we have deployed in Japan, and transferring them to other companies in the DENSO Group.

Social Contribution

DENSO is aiming to be a company trusted even more by international society through efforts to coexist with local communities worldwide. To realize this objective, we are focusing on giving back to the community through activities in three key areas: social welfare for the physically challenged, nurturing youth, and coexisting with communities.

In the first area, our efforts in Japan are focused on DENSO Taiyo Co., Ltd., a subsidiary established in 1984 to help people with physical disabilities become more independent by providing employment opportunities. Overseas, we established the Wheelchairs and Friendship Center of Asia (WAFCA), a non-profit organization that manufactures and distributes wheelchairs in Thailand, among other activities. Established in 1999, WAFCA began extending its reach into other parts of Asia in fiscal 2006.

In addition to the Company's initiatives in the above three key areas, we believe that it is important for our employees to participate in a wide range of volunteer activities on their own initiative. Consequently, we are working to support these activities in a variety of ways, including creating systems and the right corporate environment to encourage people to participate.

One concrete example in fiscal 2006 was one day set aside for every employee in the DENSO Group in Japan and overseas to collectively participate in volunteer activities in their respective regions. Called DENSO Group Heartful Day, the aim of these activities is to win greater trust as a partner with local communities.

Workforce Diversity

DENSO is building personnel systems and creating a workplace culture to tap the full potential of its diverse human resources. As part of this approach, we are encouraging greater awareness of the DENSO Spirit.

Formulated in the year under review, the DENSO Spirit represents the enduring values of DENSO since its establishment. Due to our increasingly diverse workforce, our aim with DENSO Spirit is to create a shared set of values to instill a greater sense of togetherness among the numerous employees in the DENSO Group, while at the same time fostering mutual respect for individual employee values. By creating and fostering shared concepts and ideals in the same workplace, we are aiming to create a company that benefits from the knowledge of our people around the world.

With this objective in mind, in fiscal 2006, we began encouraging discussion among the Group workforce to spread awareness of the DENSO Spirit and how it relates to each employee's duties.

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