Powertrain Control Systems

Fiscal 2012 Topics

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  • Developed gasoline direct-injection system and electric variable cam timing (VCT) system used in the Mazda Demio and Axela.
  • Developed the i-ART next-generation diesel common rail system. Sensors mounted inside each fuel injector measure injection pressure in real time to more precisely control fuel injection amounts and timing for each fuel injector. It the first technology in the world with this capability.
  • Developed the Tandem Solenoid starter, a new type of starter for start/stop systems that makes engine restart possible even when the vehicle is decelerating.
  • Developed a compact motor starter, a core component in the motor generators of hybrid vehicles. The starter is more efficient and more compact than conventional models, and it is used in the Toyota Aqua.
  • The world's first inverter with a double-sided semiconductor cooling structure achieves a power density of roughly two times that of a conventional structure while also reducing costs. It has been adopted by four car models, the Lexus LS and RX, Toyota Camry and Hino Dyutoro.

Net Sales

Main Products

Engine Control Components

Ignition coils, Magnetos, Spark plugs, Glow plugs, Exhaust gas sensors, Ceramic substrates, Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs), Engine ECUs for motorcycles, Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor

System Control Components

Valves (Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves, Automatic transmission (AT) control valves, AT solenoid valves, Oil flow Control Valve (OCV), Vacuum Switching Valve, and others), Knock sensors, Variable cam timing (VCT) components, Throttle bodies, Air flow meters, Oil filters, Air cleaners, Integrated air fuel modules, Shift-by-wire actuators, Horns, Accelerator Pedal Module (APM), Evaporative Leak Check Pump Module

Diesel Injection Products

Common rail systems, In-line fuel injection pumps, Rotary fuel injection pumps, Nozzles, Fuel filters

Gasoline Injection Products

Fuel pumps, Fuel pump modules, Fuel injectors, Direct Injection Components (Injector, Pump)

Engine Electrical Systems

Starters, Alternators

EHV Components

Inverters, DC-DC converters, Battery monitoring units

Common rail systems

Fuel pump module


Battery monitoring unit

*In order to strengthen our system proposal capabilities, in January 2012 the former Electric Systems Business Group's Engine Electrical Systems Business Unit and EHV Components Business Unit were incorporated into the Powertrain Control Systems Business Group, and its Electric Control Components Division was transferred to the Information & Safety System Business Group. The reorganization has reduced DENSO’s business groups from five to four. Product sales for the fiscal year under review are listed based on the prior scheme.