DENSO Group’s Global Mid-term Policy

In order to ensure the DENSO Group continues to grow, and to become the leading company in the auto industry, we launched our Global Mid-term Policy from fiscal 2013, the year ended March 31, 2013. We set targets of net sales of ¥4,000 billion and an operating margin of 8% in fiscal 2016, and the Group is unified in its efforts to expand its business activities.

Major Policies

Major Policies

Key point
The DENSO Group’s Global Mid-term Policy was formulated in response to the results of the Three-Year Structural Reform Plan, drawn up after the Lehman Shock, setting targets for the Group as a whole to achieve in fiscal 2016 as well as necessary policies to adopt.

Basic Strategies and Progress

Basic Strategies

1. Strategies to Expand Business for Ensuring Our Continuous Growth in Future Years
① Strengthen relationship with automakers and expand business in growing emerging markets.
② Develop system products that make vehicles more attractive for customers.
③ Expand aftermarket business and develop new businesses.
2. Evolve by Continuing to Develop World’s First Products
① Improve capabilities of product development focusing on world’s first technologies.
② Establish global procurement, production and supply systems, that makes us “Dantotsu” (extremely) cost competitive.
3. Facilitating Group-wide Collaboration Worldwide and Speeding-up Corporate Management
① Strengthen our foundation to facilitate the collaboration of 120,000 associates in the DENSO Group.
② Foster a corporate climate that encourages associates to act quickly.

Progress Under the Mid-term Policy

Progress under the Mid-term Policy

Key Points
While global automobile production increased 5% year on year, our sales increased 13.5% meaning our sales growth surpassed the increase in production.
Including exchange gains from capacity utilization gains and the depreciation of the yen in the second half of the fiscal year, operating income grew significantly, rising 63.2% year on year.
Further growth is expected for the next fiscal year due to the slow recovery in the global economy, except for Europe, and the continuing positive effects of the depreciation of the yen.
Management Strategy
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DENSO Group’s Global 
Mid-term Policy
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