DENSO Establishes Global R&D Tokyo, Haneda in Haneda Innovation City

Jul. 6, 2020

DENSO Corporation has established today “Global R&D Tokyo, Haneda” as a new base for R&D on automated driving and related technologies. It is located in Haneda Innovation City, which was opened this year.

In April 2018, DENSO set up Global R&D Tokyo near Shinagawa Station, to conduct R&D mainly on automated driving. The newly established Global R&D Tokyo, Haneda will have an office to design and develop automated driving technology, an automotive service building to carry out works including installing prototype systems in vehicles, and a proving ground to conduct in-vehicle tests. With these two facilities, DENSO will build a framework to seamlessly implement projects in the Tokyo metropolitan area, ranging from R&D to in-vehicle tests, to accelerate its technological innovation.

Designated as a National Strategic Special Zone, the Haneda area in Ota City  is creating an enabling environment for field tests on public roads, including those on automated driving. Moreover, Ota City is home to many manufacturers. DENSO will utilize the special zone system and collaborate with such manufacturers in the city and neighboring communities.

Through R&D on automated driving and related technologies at its Global R&D Tokyo and Global R&D Tokyo, Haneda, DENSO will contribute to achieving advanced mobility that improves people’s lives.


Profile of Global R&D Tokyo, Haneda

 Establishment   July 6, 2020 
 Location  1-1-4 Haneda Airport, Ota City, Tokyo, Japan 
 Employees  Approx. 130 
 Function  Conducting R&D and in-vehicle tests on automated driving  


Automotive service building


Proving ground