DENSO Quarterly Update: Reborn 21 has been implementing in Support of Company's Second Founding and Long-term Policy 2030

Oct. 29, 2020

KARIYA, Japan (Oct. 29, 2020) DENSO, a leading mobility supplier, today announced its global financial results for the first half of its fiscal year 2021, beginning April 1 and ending September 30. In addition to that announcement, the company is providing updates on key priorities from its second quarter of the year. These include the introduction of Reborn 21, a DENSO reform plan to promote safety and quality across the company, and innovative projects that benefit society.

Reborn 21
DENSO has been committed to quality, safety, and sustainability since its founding 70-plus years ago. Since then, it has used those principles to create automotive technologies that are green and enhance people’s freedom of movement, offering them “peace of mind” on the road. To keep such values top of mind as the company responds to new mobility needs, the company has been implementing Reborn 21 alongside its Mid-term Plan.

DENSO has started to plan business strategy for broader goals of achieving carbon neutrality and zero traffic accidents in Reborn 21. In that effort, DENSO has been developing workstyle reforms designed to upskill its workforce and foster more cross-functional collaborations, which strengthens DENSO’s flexibility and competitiveness for the future, and enhances its ability to meet customers’ evolving needs.

Innovation for Mobility and Society
Despite hurdles created by COVID-19, DENSO has pushed forward with projects designed to optimize its manufacturing capabilities and improve transportation. These included:

About DENSO Corporation
DENSO is a $47.6 billion global mobility supplier that develops advanced technology and components for nearly every vehicle make and model on the road today. With manufacturing at its core, DENSO invests in its worldwide 200 facilities to produce thermal, powertrain, mobility, electrification, & electronic systems, to create jobs that directly change how the world moves. The company’s 170,000+ employees are paving the way to a mobility future that improves lives, eliminates traffic accidents, and preserves the environment. Globally headquartered in Kariya, Japan, DENSO spent 9.9 percent of its global consolidated sales on research and development in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2020. For more information about global DENSO, visit