DENSO and Yamato Transport Develop D-mobico, Compact Mobile Refrigerator – D-mobico enables temperature-controlled and eco-friendly transport of chilled and frozen parcels in any vehicle –

Feb. 25, 2021

DENSO Corporation
Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.

DENSO Corporation and Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. have co-developed D-mobico,*1 a compact mobile refrigerator. Yamato Transport began using D-mobico in its delivery trucks in February 2021. DENSO will market the product more broadly through DENSO Solution Japan Corporation by summer 2021.

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      Insulated thermal box

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      In combination with an insulated thermal box

As e-commerce grows, there is increasing demand for delivery systems that can move sensitive products, such as food and pharmaceuticals, more securely, at a controlled temperature and with less environmental impact. These characteristics are even more important to organizations transporting small parcels of chilled and frozen products, another rising trend. On the other hand, many delivery vehicles are unrefrigerated and require dry ice to move cold products. A more efficient and sustainable delivery method is needed.

One solution to this dilemma is D-mobico, a compact, lightweight and portable refrigerator compatible with a variety of thermal boxes depending on cargo size and amount. Powered by a mobile battery, D-mobico does not require dry ice, nor does it draw energy from the engine, to refrigerate its freight. This helps reduce CO2 emissions and improves the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Such a system also supports the transition to electric delivery vehicles, a key development in creating cleaner transportation.

In addition to striving to make mobility greener for all, DENSO aims to achieve carbon-neutral manufacturing by reducing CO2 emissions from its products and plants, and by collecting and reusing CO2 in the atmosphere. Meanwhile, Yamato Transport has been working to reduce the use of dry ice and shift its fleet to electric vehicles in order to reduce the environmental impact across its operations. DENSO and Yamato Transport will continue working together to achieve safe and environmentally friendly delivery of chilled and frozen parcels.

*1 "D-mobico" is a trademark of DENSO Corporation. We named it after "DENSO mobile cool," meaning compact mobile refrigerator.

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Specifications of D-mobico

 Temperature setting  Frozen: −20°C, chilled: 5°C (for a 100L box)
 Rated refrigeration performance  85 W (outside air: 35°C/in the refrigerator: −18°C)
 Rated power consumption  185 W (outside air: 35°C/in the refrigerator: −18°C)
 Rated current  7.7 A (max. 12 A at 24 V)
Size   W420xD140xH440 mm*2
 Weight (refrigerator only)  5 kg
 Capacity of insulated thermal boxes  130L
 Power supply Battery power supply: 24 VDC (connection using a DC cable)
Stationary power supply: 100 VAC (connection using an AC adaptor)
 Usage environment temperature  5°C to 40°C
 Storage environment temperature  −20°C to 60°C
 Continuous operating time  About 8 hours
 Water-/dust-proof performance  Equivalent to IPX5*3

*2 Excluding insulated box
*3 A grade related to the waterproof function of electronic equipment. It indicates that there is no harmful effect on devices even under the explosion of a jet of water.

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