DENSO Wins Medals at 46th WorldSkills Competition

Oct. 24, 2022

KARIYA (Japan) ― DENSO Corporation today announced that the DENSO Group’s won the gold medal for the "Industrial Mechanics" (representing Japan) held from October 18 to October 20 in Brampton, Canada at the 46th WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition. The whole tournament is held from September to November.

The 46th WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition, which were scheduled to be held in Shanghai, China, in 2021, were postponed due to the global spread of the covid-19, and are being held in 15 countries, including Japan.

DENSO Group sent 18 entrants to the event to compete in 8 skills: 11 Japanese participated in 7 skills; 2 Thais in 2 skills; 2 Vietnamese in 2 skills; and 3 Mexicans in 3 skills.

DENSO considers the development of technology, sophisticated engineering skills and know-how to turn technology into practical applications to be two of the most fundamental components of its monozukuri and the art of making things. Through participation in the WorldSkills Competition, DENSO will continue to develop mentally, technically and physically of young technicians, foster them to become the highly skilled ones of the next generation and pass on their skills.


Gold Medal

Skill: Industrial Mechanics   Contestant: Sota Morimoto

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      Morimoto is second from right.

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Reference: DENSO’s contestants and medals won

 Skill  Name  Result or Scheduled(date of commendation ceremony)  Host country
 CNC Turning  Nguyen Xuan Thai(Vietnam)  Silver  Germany
 Natthawut Phetngam(Thailand)  Silver
 Christian Armando Rodriguez Montezco(Mexico)
 CNC Milling  Nguyen Thanh Tung(Vietnam)  Silver
 Kosei Yamashita (Japan)  Bronze
 Sutthisak Ulek(Thailand)  Medallion of Excellence
 Daniel Osvaldo Mejia Meza(Mexico)  -
 Plastic Die Engineering  Masanori Ota (Japan)  Silver  Korea
 Luis Fernando Torres Almaraz(Mexico)  -
 Industrial Mechanics  Sota Morimoto (Japan)  Gold  Canada
 Robot System Integration  Kaito Toyoda (Japan)
Takato Kohara (Japan)
 Medallion of Excellence  Luxembourg
 Mobile Robotics  Ryo Iwamoto (Japan)
Kouki Kawakami (Japan)
 Bronze  France
 (The following will be held in the future)  
 Manufacturing Team Challenge  Takumi Haramiishi (Japan)
Taizo Ishiguro (Japan)
Takuma Hayashi (Japan)
 United Kingdom
 Industrial Control  Yuto Kamiya (Japan)  11/24~26(11/27)

It will be notified on the day of the awards ceremony when a member of the DENSO group wins a gold medal. If the award ceremony is held on a non-working day in our company, we will inform you on the next working day.