DENSO Announces the Company's 70th Anniversary

Dec. 16, 2019 Other Topics

On December 16, 2019, DENSO gladly announces the company’s 70th anniversary.
Thank you so much for all the support you have given us.

DENSO CORPORATION was born in 1949 as “NIPPONDENSO CO., LTD.” in Kariya City of Aichi Prefecture. The company has continued to evolve and perfect its Monozukuri processes, overcoming many difficulties. To contribute to realization of a new, human-centric mobility society that makes everyone happy and to continue to be a company that creates new value. That is the unchanging aspiration with which DENSO imbues its technology and products now and forever.

DENSO will realize an enriched mobile society and contribute to sustainable social development. In these ways, we will deliver an even brighter future to the next generation.