Feature of DENSO


Think, True Carbon Neutral.

A carbon-neutral society is what the world is striving for today.
However, there is more than one scenario for achieving this goal. Because people's lives are so diverse.
There are a wide variety of environments, lifestyles, and values.

In order for all people to be able to maintain a neutral impact on the environment without straining or holding back, a variety of approaches are needed that are close to everyday life.

Let's think about this together.
Carbon neutral for ourselves.


To achieve clean manufacturing

Not only to reduce or eliminate CO2,
but also to "utilize" it.

Efforts to “decarbonize” are being accelerated all over the world. At the moment, people are trying to reduce or eliminate CO2 emissions by “working hard” or “forcing” themselves to do so, but it is also important to have the option of “ activating carbon” in order to achieve sustainability without strain. We are promoting to create a system to efficiently circulate CO2 not only in large scale plants but also in small and medium scale plants. The idea of retrofitting to existing facilities, we aim to make the recycling of CO2 as a resource natural for everyone.


To increase absorption of CO2

By creating data on forests,
preserve and nurture the richness of forests.

To create a carbon-neutral society, it is important not only to reduce emissions, but also to protect and nurture the rich forests that absorb CO2. Through the DX of forestry, we aim to build a recycling-oriented social system that not only solves social issues such as labor shortages, but also protects the rich forests and utilizes the waste wood and thinned wood produced there as resources such as energy and bioplastics.


To build a clean, next-generation transportation network

Even air travel is electrified.
A propulsion system for flying cars.

The practical application of flying cars, which enable point-to-point travel, is finally approaching. As a clean means of transportation powered by electricity and capable of eliminating traffic congestion, flying cars are expected to reduce CO2 emissions from the perspective of the mobility society as a whole.


To respond to the electricity needs
of the coming era

The core of a smart society will be earth-friendly semiconductors.

The rapidly advancing digital shift in industry. .All kinds of things are connected to the Internet, a wide variety of sensors sense the world correctly, AI recognizes and judges, and moves the world in a better direction. Semiconductors play an important role in all of these, and demand for them will continue to increase. The concern then is that we are living in an ultra-power-consuming society. How can we minimize energy consumption and the impact on the environment when we are required to consume more electricity than ever before? Power semiconductors are the key to this. By considering not only the functions required for future mobility and robots, but also environmental consciousness and adaptation to infrastructure, we will lead the way in establishing the standards for semiconductors that are necessary for the new era.


To realize the local production
and local consumption of energy

Creating an infrastructure for mobility that consumes electricity efficiently

Drone deliveries, autonomous delivery robots, and electric scooters. The electrification of various things is advancing, and mobility with new ideas that did not exist before is making our transportation more flexible. The electrification of automobiles is also progressing rapidly, and this trend will continue to spread. In order to realize such an electrified society, what we also need to think about is the power supply infrastructure. It is unrealistic to expect everyone to plug in and charge their cars. And we will need more power than ever before. For the sake of the earth, we want to make it possible to consume electricity more efficiently in cooperation with infrastructure. We are now taking on the challenge of creating a new power supply infrastructure in collaboration with the industry and academia.


To produce clean energy

Energy from “algae” that is beneficial to people and kind to the planet

For mobility that requires a great deal of power, such as aircraft, gasoline or diesel fuel is utilized. Currently, the development of clean energy that can be used as an alternative is being promoted around the world. Among them, we are particularly interested in bioenergy made from “algae”. Since it grows by absorbing CO2, it is not only a clean energy source, but also does not have the trade-off issues of high food prices and slash-and-burn agriculture compared to bioenergy from food. Rather, it has excellent properties for food, beauty, and hygiene purposes. In addition, we are continuing to conduct demonstration tests for mass production using pools from abandoned schools, and one of the most attractive features of this technology is that it will allow resources to be generated even in non-oil-producing countries.


To continue saving energy
without any strain

A new way to deal with energy
and “live an environmentally friendly living that doesn’t constrain lifestyles”

In order to realize a carbon-neutral world in an ever-growing digitalized society. Not only generating electricity efficiently, but we ordinary consumers also need to use it effectively. However, straining to save energy is not sustainable and causes stress. What can we do to ensure that everyone can continue to live a comfortable and eco-friendly life without stress? The key is a new way of using energy, in which electricity is shared among the communities.


To create a comfortable travel experience
for people and the planet

Make more effective use of energy in Evs.
Automotive air conditioning is the key.

Have you ever experienced that your EV consumed too much energy? One of the reasons for this is that a lot of energy is used not only for transportation but also for air conditioning in order to travel comfortably in a car. Automobiles with engines, such as gasoline cars, have been using the heat from the engine for air conditioning to reduce energy loss. This will be realized in EVs without engines. Even in cold areas with temperature below freezing, we must achieve proper thermal efficiency. In order to promote electrification in all regions of the world from now on, technologies to realize comfortable travel experiences for people and the planet will be essential.


To spread green mobility all over the world

The ideal electrified products that can flexibly meet the needs of the coming age

Mass customization is necessary for manufacturing in the coming age. It is expected to get the best of the advantages of mass production and the benefits of customization. We would like to contribute to the spread of an electrified society, a clean means of transportation, by creating standards for electrified parts that can be commonly used in all types of electrified mobility, and establishing a production system that facilitates customization according to the purpose.