Expanding the possibilities of moving spaces

One day, moving spaces will take the form of restaurants, djo
It can be anything you imagine—the possibilities are endless.

At DENSO, we believe vehicles should function like our living spaces.
Every person in the vehicle should feel comfortable, with individual temperature and humidity settings a matter of course,
while the space itself should be clean and fresh.

We are building a foundation for providing a variety of services that will give shape to people’s desires and needs regarding their moving spaces.

01Making the air cleaner

We will maintain comfortable spaces by cleaning the air inside the cabin and eliminating hazardous or unpleasant elements such as virus, bacteria, odors and fine dust.

02Stabilizing the vehicle’s cabin

We will realize a stable cabin space that enables a diverse range of experiences through the development of new motors that control four wheels freely and powertrain platforms.

03Controlling temperature and humidity

We will find the optimal temperature and humidity for different regions, passengers, and situations.

04Widening the cabin

We will extend the cabin space and expand the potential for use of mobility by downsizing all components and developing new energy replenishment systems.

05Designing a moving space

We will design a moving space that is ideal for every purpose and every mobility service by combining technologies that enrich user experience through displays, interfaces, and air conditioning systems.

06Promoting communication between passengers and mobility

We are developing an interface that helps mobility understand passenger needs and preferences, thereby enhancing the user experience in the vehicle.