Optimizing the use of energy throughout society

While the mobility revolution enriches our lives,
the devices and vehicles we use will require ever greater amounts of energy.

To produce, deliver, and use this enormous amount of energy without waste,
it needs to be considered an integral part of the energy consumed by society as a whole, which in turn needs to be managed in the most efficient way possible.

By developing such management strategies, as well as technologies for converting surplus power into hydrogen fuel and storing it,
we can respond to increasing energy requirements using minimal resources,
allowing us to come closer to the realization of a truly carbon neutral society.

01Producing clean energy

We are engaged in Research and Development to produce biofuels and to refine fuels by recovering CO2 emitted from our plants.

02Making effective use of energy throughout society

In addition to the field of mobility, we are developing technologies to make, store, convert, use, and collect energy at plants and homes.

03Connecting mobility and the cloud in a simple manner

We develop platforms designed to improve connectivity between increasingly complex mobility systems and cloud services in a simple and safe manner.