Providing optimal routes through diverse transportation options

To make the mobility revolution a reality,
we at DENSO will meet people's various needs by optimizing the means of transportation for each individual.

We will achieve this goal by laying the foundation for a mobility revolution,
using core technologies that instantly calculate an optimal route from diverse mobility options such as traveling by land, sea, or air,
as well as itineraries that range from long distances to the last one mile.

01Connecting mobility and the cloud in a simple manner

We develop platforms designed to improve connectivity between increasingly complex mobility systems and cloud services in a simple and safe manner.

02Developing systems for the development of mobility services

We work to develop systems that will enable safer, more sustainable and more creative mobility services.

03Promoting the diversification of mobility

We are working to promote diversification of mobility by deploying electrification technologies cultivated in automobiles to new mobility and developing technologies for fuel cells.