Facts & Figures

DENSO is a global manufacturer of automotive components offering advanced automotive technologies, systems and products. We will fulfill our corporate social responsibility by providing the world's first products and technologies.

Established Dec. 16, 1949
Head Office 1-1, Showa-cho, Kariya, Aichi 448-8661, Japan


Capital ¥187.5 billion
Revenue ¥7,144.7 billion (US$47.2 billion) on a consolidated basis
*From April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024
Operating Profit ¥380.6 billion (US$2.5 billion) on a consolidated basis
*From April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024
Profit ( Attributable to owners of the parent company )
¥312.8 billion (US$2.1 billion) on a consolidated basis
*From April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024
Employees 162,029 on a consolidated basis
Consolidated Subsidiaries
193 (Japan 57, North America 23, Europe 36, Asia 72, Others 5)
Affiliates under the Equity Method 70 (Japan 22, North America 8, Europe 7, Asia 29, Others 4)

Figures are based on IFRS. Data is accurate as of March 31, 2024 unless otherwise stated.
U.S. dollar amounts have been translated, for convenience only, at the rate of 154.41 yen = US$1, the approximate exchange rate prevailing on March 29, 2024. Billion is used in the American sense of one thousand million.

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Revenue by region

  • Japan ( Including DENSO CORPORATION )

    Companies :57
    Revenue:2,885.7 Billion Yen

  • North America

    Companies :23
    Revenue:1,745.4 Billion Yen

  • Europe

    Companies :36
    Revenue:709.7 Billion Yen

  • Asia

    Companies :72
    Revenue:1,689.8 Billion Yen

  • Others

    Companies :5
    Revenue:114.1 Billion Yen

Data is as of March 31, 2024.
The figures for revenue include adjustments between segments.

Business Fields

Automotive Businesses Electrification Systems
  • Development and manufacture of HEV and BEV drive systems, power supply and related products, and power supply and starting system parts such as alternators and starters

  • Development and manufacture of electric power steering motors, control brake motors, and electric control units (ECUs)

  • Development and manufacture of various kinds of small motor system products, such as windshield wiper systems, power window motors, engine control motors, and blower fans

Powertrain Systems
  • Development and manufacture of gasoline and diesel engine management systems, which cover everything from combustion to intake and exhaust

  • Development and manufacture of engine-related products, such as VCT* systems, exhaust gas sensors, and spark plugs

  • Planning and development of products and systems for efficient power generation by fuel cells based on electric drive and thermal management technologies, which have been refined through experience with hybrid vehicles, and fuel cell management

* VCT: Variable Cam Timing

Thermal Systems
  • Development and manufacture of thermal management systems and air conditioner systems, which create a comfortable space in cars and buses

  • Development and manufacture of products for cooling, such as radiators and condensers

Mobility Electronics
  • Development and provision of electronic systems, services, and platforms that support all aspects of mobility

  • Development and manufacture of cockpit products such as human–machine interface (HMI) control units, meters, head-up displays (HUDs), and center information displays

  • Development and manufacture of connected driving products and services, including telematics control units (TCUs), electronic toll collection (ETC) on-board devices, and road-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-vehicle communication devices

  • Development and manufacture of automated driving (AD) and advanced driver assistance system (ADAS)-related products, such as vision sensors, millimeter-wave radar sensors, sonar sensors, AD electronic control units (ECUs), sensors and ECUs for airbags, and driver status monitors (DSMs)

  • Development and manufacture of electronic products, including powertrain ECUs and body ECUs

  • Planning and development of retrofitted products such as acceleration control devices for when drivers accidently step on the gas pedal

Advanced Devices
  • Develop and manufacture products for drive systems, such as oil pressure control valves, evaporator products like ELCMs*1 and energy management products like MCVs*2

  • Develop and manufacture microelectronic devices, such as in-vehicle power semiconductors and integrated circuits (ICs)

  • Develop and manufacture in-vehicle/non-automotive sensing systems

*1. ELCM: Evaporative Leak Check Module
*2. MCV: Multi-flow Control Valve

Non-automotive Businesses Industrial Solutions
  • Development and manufacture of industrial equipment best exemplified by our automated equipment, modules, and industrial-use robots

  • Development and manufacture of equipment for use by society, including handy terminals and QR and RFID* payment and recognition solutions, and provision of services (building access management systems, automated checkout systems for company cafeterias, facial recognition systems, etc.)

*RFID: RFID is a system that uses electromagnetic waves to simultaneously scan multiple sales tags without contact

Food Value Chain
  • Manufacture and sale of turnkey solutions* for horticultural facilities (consulting and cloud services related to greenhouse materials, devices, and cultivation) as well as the provision of after-sales services

  • Manufacture and sale of in-vehicle refrigeration units and compact mobile refrigeration units as well as the provision of after-sales services

*A lineup of products and services combined in an optimized way to enable all people involved in agriculture to produce crops in a stable manner