Highlights and Lowlights



【Highlights】 Launch of Driver Status Monitors That Can Be Retrofitted

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This product monitors a driver’s status, including inattention, sleepiness and lack of due diligence, based on pictures of a driver’s face taken from an interior camera. Depending on the driver’s status, this safety product alerts the driver by voice.

Accidents caused by heavy-duty commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses can easily cause enormous damage. At the same time, most of these vehicles have been in operation for many years, making it difficult to install and promote the widespread use of the latest safety equipment. As this new product can be retrofitted in vehicles that have already been sold, it can help accelerate the large-scale installation of safety equipment in heavy-duty commercial vehicles, thereby reducing accidents caused by such factors as drivers not keeping their eyes on the road.

【Highlights】 Received Excellence Award (Large Company Category) at Kankyo Hitozukuri Kigyo Awards 2017

DENSO received the Excellence Award in the large company category of Kankyo Hitozukuri Kigyo Awards 2017, held by the Ministry of the Environment. The Company received recognition for its human resource development activities based on DENSO Eco Vision 2025 announced in 2016 that aims for environmental management from a life cycle perspective.


【Highlights】 DENSO and Asai Nursery Establish a Joint Venture in the Field of Large-Scale Horticulture

DENSO collaborated with Asai Nursery, Inc. to establish a joint venture company on August 1, 2018 with the aim of establishing and promoting the widespread use of models for next-generation horticultural facilities in large-scale greenhouses. The joint venture company will integrate DENSO’s technologies for agricultural industrialization, such as environmental control and automation technologies, with Asai Nursery’s industry-leading domestic cultivation facilities and technologies for developing plant varieties. In this way, the new company will implement agricultural management in large-scale greenhouses. Through sustainable next-generation horticultural models that have a high level of productivity, both DENSO and Asai Nursery will aspire to contribute to the agricultural production business in Japan and overseas.


【Highlights】 DENSO Develops a New Electric Freezer System for Heavy-duty Trucks

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Slated for Sale with HINO PROFIA Heavy-duty Hybrid Trucks

The new electric freezer system is a freezer units that makes use of a compressor installed in the heat pump air-conditioning system with a gas injection function, which is a new technology for passenger cars. This technology has improved the coefficient of performance, which indicates the energy consumption efficiency of freezer units, by 20% compared with conventional units (condition of operating under ultra-cold temperatures in summer), thereby enhancing freezing capabilities. Moreover, while the current model is not able to operate the freezer unit when the engine is off, the new freezer unit can be operated even when the engine is off, such as when waiting for a load, due to the increased capacity of the battery for the hybrid system of the Hino Profia COOL Hybrid. Furthermore, as a result of the increased motor output of the hybrid system and the improved efficiency of the new electric freezer system, the time required for pre-freezing heavy-duty freezer trucks has been reduced by approximately 65% compared with traditional sub-engine systems.


【Highlights】 Promoting Workstyle Reforms by Expanding the Telecommuting System

As part of our workstyle reforms designed to accelerate the speed of our business execution and invigorate the workplace, we have expanded the scope of our remote working system for employees possessing qualifications over a prescribed level that makes it possible to work from outside the office. We have expanded the number of employees eligible to use the telecommuting system to include the approximately 20,000 employees in the Office Division. At the same time, by establishing an IT environment and carrying out reforms that enable greater flexibility in the choice of working times and locations, we have promoted the creation of an environment where diverse human resources are able to demonstrate their full potential while striking a balance between life and work.


【Highlights】 Winning Medals at the 56th National Skills Competition and the 38th National Abilympics

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Thirty-six employees in 11 job categories from the DENSO Group took part in the 56th National Skills Competition held in Okinawa Prefecture from November 2 to November 5. The employees won 16 medals, including seven gold medals for Machine Assembly, Mechanical Device Assembly, Mechatronics, Lathe, Electronic Equipment Assembly, Commercial Wiring, and Mobile Robots. Moreover, two employees in one job category from DENSO took part in the National Abilympics, where they won two silver medals for Electronic Equipment Assembly.

【Highlights】 Formulation of the DENSO Group Global Tax Policy

Based on compliance with laws and regulations, we formulated the DENSO Group Global Tax Policy to declare our code of conduct and initiatives for fulfilling our social responsibilities through the appropriate payment of taxes.


【Highlights】 Joint Development with Toyota Motor Corporation of a Retrofit Acceleration Control Device in Case of Pedal Misapplication

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When an ultrasonic sensor attached to a vehicle’s bumper detects an object when starting from a parked or stopped position, a display and buzzer issue an alert to the driver. In the event that the driver still mistakenly applies the accelerator instead of the brake, the device suppresses the accelerator, thereby helping to mitigate the damage caused by a collision. Moreover, in the event of a vehicle reaching over five kilometers per hour when reversing in a parking lot or other place, the device will slow down the vehicle, even if it doesn’t detect an object.

Amid the accidents resulting from pedal misapplication centered on elderly drivers becoming a major problem, the development of this safety device that can be retrofitted will help to enhance the safety of existing passenger cars.



【Highlights】 Recognition of Our Career Development Support with Awarding of the Minister’s Award at the Equal Employment and Work-Life Balance Awards for Fiscal 2018

We received the Minister’s Most Excellence Award in the Family Friendly Enterprises category of the Equal Employment and Work-Life Balance Awards for fiscal 2018, held by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. We have been taking steps to expand our systems for supporting work-life balance since fiscal 2005, and from fiscal 2015, we have proactively engaged in childcare support as well as career development support.

For example, we have revised our systems to make them conducive not only for female employees to participate in childcare but also for male employees to participate on a par with female employees. This award won recognition for enabling each and every employee to flexibly choose workstyles in accordance with their own circumstances.


【Highlights】 DENSO Included in the Health & Productivity Stock Selection Program for the Third Consecutive Year and Recognized under the Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program (Large Enterprise Category) for the Third Consecutive Year

For the third consecutive year, we have been included in the Health & Productivity Stock Selection program that is jointly promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We have also been recognized for the third consecutive year under the Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition program (Large Enterprise Category), part of the White 500 program, which is jointly promoted by METI and Nippon Kenko Kaigi (Japan Health Council). The year 2019 saw 16 DENSO Group companies recognized under the Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition program.

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【Highlights】 DENSO and DENSO FACILITIES Awarded Director-General Prize of Agency for Natural Resources and Energy (Chief Green Officer/Company Division) at Energy Conservation Grand Prize Awards

To date, we have focused our efforts on Energy Just-in-Time (Energy JIT) activities, in which we supply and use the necessary amount of the necessary energy at the necessary time. We were awarded the Director-General Prize of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy in recognition of initiatives under our Companywide management system, the DENSO-style Factory Energy Management System, which enables greater efficiency in the management of energy on a Companywide basis, further developing our Energy JIT activities.