After-Sales Service

Basic Stance

Since its founding, the DENSO Group has been committed to a policy that states that “products and services are integral.”
In addition to pursuing product quality, the DENSO Group provides services globally based on a commitment to providing the best & most suitable services to customers based on the three following policies.

  1. Offering products that can be used safely and as intended

  2. Offering satisfying products that can be repaired precisely and promptly at a reasonable cost in case of failure

  3. Reflecting customer feedback in product development and improvement, and minimizing inconvenience to customers

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Promotional Structure

Global Service Structure

The DENSO Group aims to provide services that always satisfy customers from around the world, regardless of region. To this end, the Group is promoting the establishment of a global service structure so that it is able to meet customer needs.

Global service promotion structure

    • Global service promotion structure

Specific activity

1. Establishment of a global service network

To ensure that its customers receive high-quality and seamless service worldwide, DENSO has established a service network of global sales companies. We also constantly monitor and evaluate quality in the market and promptly provide feedback regarding market needs and information to the relevant departments. This feedback is reflected in our product development and improvements to services and operations.
In Japan, our designated service station system, which was launched in 1954, currently consists of a network of 678 DENSO service stations (designated service stations and dealerships) belonging to DENSO Solution Japan Corporation. Overseas, we have established a DENSO service system network comprising 2,643 DENSO service stations in 101 countries operated by overseas sales companies.

DENSO's global service network (as of March 2023)

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* In the event that multiple product repairs are being conducted at the same store, that store is counted repeatedly for each product repair request it receives.

2. Promotion of Repair Initiatives from the Perspective of the Environment (Circular Economy and Carbon Neutrality)

DENSO strives to realize a circular economy throughout the entire product life cycle. In an effort to do so, rather than replacing malfunctioning products with new ones or discarding damaged products, we repair them by reusing as many internal parts as possible, thereby not only cutting the repair costs of our customers’ vehicles but also helping reduce CO2 emissions.
We promote these efforts across our global service network and are looking into expanding this circle of environmental contribution even further.

  • Products Reduction rate of CO2 through repair
    (compared with new product replacement)
    Starters 54%
    Alternators 80%
    Belt-driven compressors 78%
    Electric compressors 92%

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    CO2 emissions reductions from DENSO’s repair activities (Japan)

    1,921 tons (fiscal 2023)
    (equivalent to the amount of CO2 emissions absorbed by 140,000 cedar trees*)
    * Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries website

FEATURE: Why do our repair activities reduce CO2 emissions?

Example: Alternator repairs Alternators consist of parts that generate significant CO2 emissions during manufacturing. Cleaning and reusing these components to the extent possible helps reduce CO2 emissions. In this case, we reduced CO2 emissions by over 90% by replacing only the internal parts framed in red with new ones and cleaning and reusing aluminum frames and other components that emit large amounts of CO2 during manufacturing.


3. Service Support That Considers the Needs of Various Customers

(1) Improvement of Customer Inquiry Form

In addition to a category-specific inquiry form tailored to customer usage scenarios, a survey function has been added. We are making continuous improvements to our service support based on the customer feedback we receive.

  • Category-Specific Inquiry Form

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  • Survey Function

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(2) Voicemail-based Repair Service

DENSO has implemented a voicemail-based service for nighttime repair requests in addition to a web-based service, so customers can request repairs at any time for household equipment, such as central air-conditioning systems, EcoCute systems, and home energy management systems (HEMS).

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Future Initiatives

In order to continue to accurately meet the expectations of customers and earn their trust, the DENSO Group and DENSO service stations will continue to work as one team to create products and provide after-sales service that can satisfy customers.