After-Sales Service

Basic Stance on Services

Since its founding, the DENSO Group has been committed to a policy that states that “products and services are integral.”
In addition to pursuing product quality, the DENSO Group provides services globally based on a commitment to providing the best & most suitable services to customers based on the three following policies.

  1. Offering products that can be used safely and as intended

  2. Offering satisfying products that can be repaired precisely and promptly at a reasonable cost in case of failure

  3. Reflecting customer feedback in product development and improvement, and minimizing inconvenience to customers

Basic Stance on Service Activities

    • Basic Stance on Service Activities

Promotional Structure

Global Service Structure

The DENSO Group aims to provide services that always satisfy customers from around the world, regardless of region. To this end, the Group is promoting the establishment of a global service structure so that it is able to meet customer needs.

Global service promotion structure

    • Global service promotion structure

Specific activity

1. Establishment of a global service network

To ensure that its customers receive high-quality and seamless service worldwide, DENSO has established a service network of global sales companies. We also constantly monitor and evaluate quality in the market and promptly provide feedback regarding market needs and information to the relevant departments. This feedback is reflected in our product development and improvements to services and operations.

In Japan, our designated service station system, which was launched in 1954, currently consists of a network of roughly 688 DENSO service stations (designated service stations and dealerships) belonging to DENSO Solution Japan Corporation.

Overseas, we have established a DENSO service system network comprising 2,357 DENSO service stations in 109 countries operated by overseas sales companies.

DENSO's global service network (as of March 2021)

    • DENSO's global service network   (as of June 2020)
    • Austria


    • Thailand


    • China


    • Brazil


    • Russia


    • Australia


2. Strengthening of after-sales service

Every year, automobile technology is becoming increasingly more sophisticated and complex, and there has been a growing need for not just component repair but also failure diagnosis and vehicle maintenance. Accordingly, we strive to develop a service network that always is a step ahead of today’s trends.

Diag-Stations (Japan)

In fiscal 2007, the Company launched DENSO Diag-Stations, which provide the equipment, personnel, and information necessary to promptly diagnose faults in vehicles equipped with advanced technology. These stations are fitted with proprietary DENSO analytical equipment, such as fault diagnosis testers and data recorders, and staffed with Diag-Meisters, expert personnel who have received proprietary DENSO technical training and have been certified via a DENSO internal examination.

Number of Established Diag-Stations and Number of Certified Diag-Maisters (DM) (Japan)

  • after-service-img-established-en

PIT & GO Automotive Service Station (Overseas)

Overseas, growing automobile demand in Asia, Africa, and other emerging markets is generating greater need for vehicle repair, maintenance, and other after-sales services for not only new vehicles but also used ones. To improve customer satisfaction for customers with aging vehicles, we have been establishing authorized shops under the brand name “PIT & GO”* that provide quality and speedy service.

* Jointly operated with Toyota Tsusho Corporation and AISIN CORPORATION

    • Myanmar


    • Cambodia


    • Indonesia


    • Thailand


    • Malaysia


    • Laos


    • Singapore


Other Activities

Together with DENSO service stations, we are engaging in a variety of initiatives to raise the overall level of after-sales service provided by the entire DENSO Group. In doing so, we are strengthening the partnership we have with our service stations.

Initiatives of DENSO CORPORATION (Japan)
Holding a General Meeting of DENSO Service Stations (1955~) Shares DENSO CORPORATION’s service policies with DENSO service stations and presents awards to excellent service stations.
Servicing Skills Competition (1971~) Targets service engineers at DENSO service stations nationwide. Held for the purpose of improving fault diagnosis and repair skills, customer response capabilities, and awareness required of DENSO service engineers, as well as for creating ties within the service network.
Certification of DENSO Eco Service Station (FY2002~) Holds an environmental campaign every year to check the status of environmental conservation efforts and encourage improvement activities at all DENSO service stations. Service stations that satisfy all of the 28 evaluation items are certified as DENSO Eco Service Stations (581 service stations in fiscal 2020).

【TOPICS】Collection of Information on Customer-Based Perspectives (Voice of User)

We collect information from the user’s perspective in order to promptly discover discrepancies between the awareness of our customers and our awareness as a company and, by doing so, reduce risks through quality improvements based on our customers’ perspective, rather than our own.

    • EDER

Definition of Information on Customer-Based Perspectives (Voice of User)

Customers feel a sense of uneasiness (such as danger, anxiety, or dissatisfaction) even when the product performs in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

* Information on discrepancies between the way customers use a product and the way the manufacturer expected the product to be used
* Information that sheds light on critical defects (i.e., information on driving, turning, stopping, fire hazards, overrun, and injuries)
* Information related to product marketability such as appearance and performance
* Information that helps make a service more relatable or information on matters that could occur often

Case Study (Information on Customer-Based Perspectives Collected by DENSO)

Feedback from customer: The upper limit of the instantaneous fuel consumption display of the multi-information display is low. As a result, fuel consumption exceeding the display limit is not displayed properly.

Confirmed results: The upper limit on displays for hybrid and gasoline vehicles was below the average fuel consumption listed in the catalog.

    • multi-information display

Average Fuel Consumption Listed in Catalog

HEV 35.4 km/l–36.0 km/l (2WD), 30.2 km/l (4WD)
Gasoline vehicle 19.2 km/l–21.3 km/l

Quality Improvements
We proposed improvements to the manufacturer, and this led to changes in the product specifications, specifically a change in the displayed upper limit (HEV: 30 km/l → 50 km/l; gasoline vehicles: 20 km/l → 30 km/l).

3. Response to Customer (End User) Inquiries

A customer service desk has been established within DENSO in order to respond quickly and appropriately to comments and suggestions from customers. While strictly adhering to secure management of personal information, these complaints, comments, and questions, as well as any responses made, are promptly fed back to the relevant departments. In this way, DENSO works to improve services and operations.
For issues of quality and warranty of OEM products (which are branded by our business partners) supplied to automakers, DENSO asks that automakers’ dealers and service centers provide advice and respond to customer inquiries.

Customer Consultation Process

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Inquiries and comments regarding DENSO products

  Fiscal 2017 Fiscal 2018 Fiscal 2019 Fiscal 2020 Fiscal 2021
Number of inquiries 6,516 5,528 5,412 5,132 3,869

Breakdown of Inquiries by Product in Fiscal 2021

  • after-service-img-product-breakdown-en

Protection of Customer Privacy

DENSO recognizes its obligation to protect the privacy of everyone who provides personal information and has put in place a privacy policy to ensure this occurs. General rules relate to the acquisition and intended use of personal information, restrictions on use, non-disclosure to third parties, and other key matters. With this privacy policy, DENSO is making efforts to strictly manage and handle private information.

Future Initiatives

In order to continue to accurately meet the expectations of customers and earn their trust, the DENSO Group and DENSO service stations will continue to work as one team to create products and provide after-sales service that can satisfy customers.