Traceability System / Inventory Management System

Traceability System

Obtaining necessary information when needed
Delivering information when requested

  • By centrally managing various types of information and history linked to QR Codes, enable information sharing and utilization with various players throughout the food supply chain.

  • Registration and access of information is managed on a user basis, allowing users to disclose only the information they wish to communicate, while keeping closed information unseen. (Security QR Code)

  • With UUID* on each packing unit of the product, enable precise traceability management.
    *Universally Unique Identifier: A unique identifier that does not have two or more items of same value globally

Product configuration

Usage image

    Step 1

    An image or information of a food is registered on the Website where QR Code will be formed.

    Step 2

    The product information or distribution history can be accessed by reading the QR Code assigned to the food item.

    Step 3

    Consumers can enter evaluation comments, and producers can be shared of the evaluations.

Inventory Management System

Worker-friendly food distribution with connections

  • Non-contact collective product inspection using RFIDs to reduce the burden of operators confirming quantities, improve quantity accuracy, and update the inventory status live.

  • By visualizing the inventory quantity immediately, user will be able to keep track of the progress of work and improve efficiency, such as responding quickly to a delay of work.

  • With QR Code ensuring high security on a document, necessary information (product information or distribution history) can be efficiently communicated to customers and consumers without disclosing confidential information (amount, transaction information, etc.) to other companies.

  • When multiple vendors introduce the same system, all members of the supply chain will be able to share inventory management throughout the chain.

Product configuration

Usage image

    Collective product inspection

    The products can be inspected by collectively by reading the RFID tags attached to the product packages with RFID reader.

    Progress monitoring

    With live inventory quantity information, the user will be able to confirm the progress of work and respond promptly to any delay.

    Document output

    Security QR Code will be attached to documents when issued. By combination with RFID tag, ensure efficient management of information on which food is packed where.

Traceability system/Inventory management system are offered for sale in Japan.
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