Reducing the environmental burden of all forms of mobility

At DENSO, we believe that we can achieve truly environmentally friendly travel when we reduce the energy consumption of all forms of mobility,
whether powered by fossil fuels, electricity, or hydrogen,

Using purifying technology that leaves the emitted air cleaner than when it enters the vehicle, frameworks for minimizing waste gene
ration during production, and materials that will not harm the environment even after disposal,
we strive to minimize the environmental impact of each vehicle and device throughout its lifespan.

01Improving energy efficiency

In addition to improving the efficiency of auto parts, we are also working to minimize energy consumption from a vehicle perspective.

02Cleaning up hazardous substances

We are developing an exhaust gas purification system that allows the exhaust air to be cleaner than the injected air.

03Reducing the environmental impact of production and disposal processes

Through Factory IoT technology, we are working to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing. We are also working to eliminate wasteful production and CO2 by choosing environmentally friendly materials.