Investors FAQ


  • When was your company established?

    The company was established as Nippondenso Co., Ltd. after having been separated from Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. on December 16, 1949. For company information, click here.

  • When was your company listed on a stock exchange?

    DENSO Corporation was listed on the Nagoya Stock Exchange on December 3, 1951, and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on January 5, 1953.
    It was also listed on the Osaka Stock Exchange, but applied delisting on January 18, 2010.

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  • How can latest accounts information be accessed?

    For latest released accounts, click here.

  • How can recent change of your business results be accessed?

    For our business results for past 5 years, click here.

  • How can I get an Integrated Report?

    Our Integrated Report is available in our website, click here.
    We don't issue a hard-copy version of our Integrated Report.

  • When are the Financial Results announced?

    You can check the announcement dates on our IR Calendar site.

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  • What is your securities code number?


  • What are the requirements for the right of voting at a general shareholders' meeting?

    Shareholders listed at the end of March are entitled to vote, that is the base date for our ordinary general shareholders' meeting every year.

  • What are the requirements for entitlement to dividend?

    Final listing of dividend recipients is at the end of March every year. Accordingly, dividends are paid to the shareholders listed or the pledgees registered as of that date. Also, interim dividends are paid to the shareholders listed or the pledgeesregistered as at the end of September.