Integrated Report


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Cover Page, Introduction, Contents (184KB)

At a Glance (1.94MB)

Management Message (292KB)

Message from the President & COO
Message from the Chairman & CEO

DENSO’s Value Creation Story (796KB)

Past, Present, and Future
History of Innovation and Creation
DENSO’ s Value Creation Process
Our Cultivated Strengths
Our Accumulated Capitals
Tradition of Sustainability Management
Special Feature: Value Creation in Action

Growth Strategy (492KB)

Road Map for Our 2030 Vision
Awareness of Business Environment
Recent Forward-Looking Initiatives and Their Achievements
Mid-term Policy for 2025
Strategies for “Green” and “Peace of Mind”

Overview by Product (1.07MB)

Business Portfolio and Value Creation
Business Analysis
Contribution Fields and Mainstay Products
Electrification Systems
Powertrain Systems
Thermal Systems
Mobility Electronics
Advanced Devices
Factory Automation and Social Solutions
Food Value Chain

Capital Strategies (704KB)

Financial Capital
  Message from the Chief Financial Officer
Human Capital
 Message from the Chief Human Resources Officer
Manufacturing Capital
 Message from the Chief Monozukuri Officer
Intellectual Capital
 Message from the Chief Technology Officer
 Message from the Chief Software Officer
 Special Feature: Connecting the Flow of Five Elements of Society
Natural Capital
Social and Relationship Capital

Corporate Governance (452KB)

Corporate Governance
Dialogue with the Outside Board Members
Members of the Board and Audit & Supervisory Board Members
Risk Management

Corporate Data (384KB)

Facts & Figures
10-Year Data
Company Overview and Stock Information
TCFD Index

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