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To Our Stakeholders

To realize a future brimming with smiles, all DENSO employees will work with tremendous passion to embody DENSO Culture and create new value that is uniquely DENSO. By doing so, we will bring happiness to people and society at large.


DENSO’s Value Creation Story

Hardships and Challenges at the Time of Our Founding

DENSO overcame the numerous hardships it faced at the time of its founding and continued to develop since with the desire to realize an even better society, which is encapsulated in the DENSO Creed.

Value Creation That Draws on DENSO Culture

The DENSO Creed, formulated after overcoming the hardships and challenges we faced since our founding, and the principles enshrined within it provide the source of our value creation to this day.

Our Three Cultivated Strengths

The Greatest Strengths That Have Driven DENSO’s Growth

Our Accumulated Capitals

Capitals That Enable Us to Be a Leading Company in the Mobility Domain

Creating New Value through Our Seven Core Businesses

Pursuing a Variety of Businesses That Will Support the Mobility Society of the Future

DENSO’s Value Creation Process

Maximizing the Value of “Green” and “Peace of Mind” to Continue to Grow with Society

To fulfill the DENSO Philosophy, we are incorporating social issues into our Long-term Policy for 2030 and into our material issues (Materiality) and are implementing sustainability management that works to resolve social issues through our business activities. By doing so, we will contribute to a sustainable society and improve our corporate value.

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Special Feature: Value Creation in Action
Promoting Electrification and Contributing to a Carbon-Free Society through Next-Generation Silicon Carbide Power Semiconductors

To realize the DENSO Philosophy, which is grounded in the ideals of the DENSO Creed, we are pursuing sustainability management that focuses on resolving social issues through our business activities. Using our newly developed silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductors as an example, this section introduces DENSO’s value creation story, including the strengths we have cultivated over our history that have led to the resolutions of social issues as well as our vision for the future.

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Growth Strategy

Mid-term Policy for 2025

After implementing various strategies and rebuilding our corporate foundation through efforts such as “Reborn21,” we find ourselves at a new starting line. From fiscal 2023, we will aim to become a company that is indispensable to society while cherishing the DENSO Culture that we have cultivated since our founding. To that end, we will strive to resolve social issues by creating value that is uniquely DENSO and in turn realizing business growth. To serve as a guideline for our 170,000 employees to achieve these aims, we have established the new Mid-term Policy for 2025.

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Strategies for “Green” and “Peace of Mind”

With the aim of contributing to the happiness of people, DENSO has been working to maximize the value it provides through its business activities in the fields of “green” and “peace of mind.” To that end, we have established medium- to long-term targets to accelerate the maximization of value in these fields and are promoting the following specific initiatives in order to achieve these targets.

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Foundation for Creating New Value

Overview by Product


    Supporting electrification in all areas of mobility to realize an enriched environment and comfortable movement

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    Balancing the joy of life with vehicles with superior environmental performance—Providing solutions that help overcome this seemingly contradictive task

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    Contributing to a more pleasant society for the earth and its people by solving heat-related issues faced in a mobility society

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    Realizing a society in which all people can move comfortably and with peace of mind (Quality of Mobility)

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    Creating and growing businesses that solve issues faced by society and customers beyond the mobility domain

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    Enhancing the productivity of the Monozukuri industry and improving quality of life

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    Combining technologies and ideas to provide new value and contribute to a society where all people can live safely and with peace of mind

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Corporate Governance

Corporate Data

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