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the President & COO MESSAGE 

Continuing to Create New Value to Become a Company That Thrives in This Era of Change


the Chairman & CEO 

With our sights always set on the external environment, we will boldly pursue the resolution of social issues with great passion while evolving DENSO Culture.


At a Glance

This section summarizes DENSO’s business scale, product lineups, and the value the Company offers to society in an easy-tounderstand manner to give readers an overview of DENSO at a glance.

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DENSO’s Value Creation Story

DENSO’s Value Creation Process

Maximizing the Value of “Green” and “Peace of Mind” to Continue to Grow with Society

DENSO puts sustainability management into practice by taking the resolution of social issues as a starting point and then utilizing accumulated strengths and capital to implement business activities and advance value creation processes. Through this approach, we aim to contribute to a sustainable society and enhance our corporate value.

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Special Feature: Value Creation in Action
Popularizing Carbon Recycling by Taking On the Challenge of Efficiently Capturing CO2 Anywhere

In the quest for carbon neutrality, as well as the reduction of CO2 through decarbonization, the capture and reuse of CO2 emissions, known as carbon recycling, is becoming a focus of attention. To efficiently realize CO2 capture anywhere, DENSO is developing and introducing a compact, highly efficient CO2 capture system.

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Growth Strategy

Mid-term Policy for 2025

Building on the management foundations laid by “Reborn21,” in fiscal 2023 we formulated the Mid-term Policy for 2025 with a view to fully embracing the DENSO Culture developed since our founding while giving concrete form to the Long-term Policy for 2030 slogan: Bringing hope for the future for our planet, society, and all people. The Mid-term Policy for 2025 sets forth a road map and goals for the initiatives we will focus on and the corporate profile we will achieve by 2025.

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Strategies for “Green” and “Peace of Mind”

With the aim of contributing to the happiness of people, DENSO has been working to maximize the value it provides through its business activities in the fields of “green” and “peace of mind.” To that end, we have established medium- to long-term targets to accelerate the maximization of value in these fields and are promoting the following specific initiatives in order to achieve these targets.

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Overview by Product


    Making electric vehicle components widely available and contributing to carbon neutrality

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    Balancing the joy of life with vehicles with superior environmental performance—Providing solutions that help overcome this seemingly contradictive task

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    Contributing to a more pleasant world by solving heat-related issues faced in a mobility society

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    Realizing a society in which all people can access mobility conveniently and with peace of mind (enhancing the quality of mobility)

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    Creating and growing businesses that solve issues faced by society and customers beyond the mobility domain

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    Enhancing the productivity of the Monozukuri industry and improving quality of life

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    Combining technologies and ideas to provide new value and contribute to a society where all people can live safely and with peace of mind

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Capital Strategies

Special Feature: Connecting the Flow of Five Elements of Society

New Approach to Realizing a Cycle of Well-Being
Our approach of “connecting the flow of five elements of society” develops technologies and partnerships to create and maximize the value of green and peace of mind that will meet a broad range of needs going forward. Through this approach, we aim to ensure realization of the green and peace of mind strategies and the Long-term Policy for 2030, thereby supporting the continuation of society’s activities and catering to diverse values and views of well-being. This special feature gives examples of our approach in relation to the flow of each type of element of society.

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Corporate Governance


Surviving in a Changing Business Environment by Developing Management and Corporate Governance

Corporate Data

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