Disclosure Policy for Sustainability information

Methods for Information Disclosure

  • We disclose information primarily via our website not only in consideration of the environment but also so that we may promptly update our disclosed content regarding rapidly changing environmental and social conditions.

  • Along with our website, we are publishing an annual report that integrates what were previously CSR reports and annual reports into the “Integrated Report format” .

Scope of Information Disclosure

  • While the DENSO Group (DENSO Corporation and its domestic and overseas Group companies, comprising 200 consolidated companies) is the subject of this report, where information does not apply to the entirety of the Group, the corresponding scope is individually indicated.

  • This report primarily discloses the status of activities carried out in fiscal 2022 (April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022) but also includes information about past and recent activities to help readers develop a more complete understanding of the content.

Selection of Content
(degree of importance/comprehensiveness)

  • In addition to the guidelines listed below, a questionnaire on socially responsible investment (SRI) , aESG questionnaire and recommendations solicited during dialogues with other stakeholders play a role in the selection of the report’s content.

Guidelines Used as Reference

  • Sustainability Reporting Guidelines standard edition, GRI (Global Reporting Initiative)

  • Environmental Reporting Guidelines (2012 Version), Ministry of the Environment etc.

Ease of Understanding (clarity, comparability)

  • For the purpose of comparability, data is provided on a year-by-year basis.

  • DENSO’s unique terms and technical terms used for particular fields are explained in the “Glossary.”


  • In a section introducing “Highlights & Lowlights,” DENSO lists negative as well as positive information concerning sustainability in fiscal 2022.

  • We believe that carrying out discussions on future activities and evaluations of current activities by way of dialogues with experts is an effective way to heighten the level of our sustainability activities. Through holding dialogues and disclosing the results of these dialogues, we are mindful of increasing the transparency and credibility of our activities.

Update Period

  • Currently available sustainability information was updated at the end of November 2022.

  • Information will be updated annually, but if there is strong interest from stakeholders or major progress in a specific activity, an update will be made to appropriately reflect the latest information.

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