Respect for Human Rights

Basic Stance

DENSO views respect for human rights as a crucial theme that must be considered when pursuing its business activities. To that end, DENSO has established respect for human rights as one of its material issues within the promotion of sustainable management, and is undertaking efforts toward respecting human rights accordingly.

Establishment of Human Rights Policy

Based on various international standards, such as the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the DENSO Group Sustainability Policy and the Code of Conduct for DENSO Group Associates clearly prohibit discrimination and harassment based on race, gender, age, nationality, religion, disability, injury or illness, or sexual orientation, in addition to child labor, forced labor, or any other form of labor in violation of human rights, as well as actions pertaining to such labor. DENSO is working to share and thoroughly enforce this policy on a Groupwide basis.

The global community has recently been placing greater emphasis on promoting respect for human rights in business activities. Amid this trend, DENSO established the DENSO Group Human Rights Policy based on the recognition of its need to accelerate prior human rights initiatives. This policy was shaped by the expectations and input of external specialists and overseas Group companies, and was finalized after discussions and approval by the Management Deliberation Meeting, which includes all senior executive officers, and after being reported to the Board of Directors.

In addition, we provide suppliers with the Supplier Sustainability Guidelines and request their adherence to these guidelines.

DENSO also adheres to a basic global policy of providing equal opportunity in employment to ensure that no discrimination is experienced by employees or job applicants in terms of recruiting, employment, or treatment.

Human Rights Promotion System

DENSO has positioned the risk of participating in human rights violations in its business activities among its major risk items and takes steps to minimize the threat of this risk. To address the wide range of human rights issues, a chief human resources officer (CHRO) has been appointed to oversee a human rights promotion team that is guided by the Human Resources Division and comprises members from corporate strategy, procurement, legal affairs and compliance, and other relevant divisions. Through this system, we formulate activity plans, share initiatives among divisions, and provide information on the latest social trends regarding human rights. An advisory board membered by officers from relevant divisions has also been established to recommend initiatives and otherwise support the smooth progress of activities.

Specific Initiatives

Employee Education and Awareness Raising

In addition to stipulating respect for human rights in the Code of Conduct for DENSO Group Associates, DENSO promotes actions based on respect for human rights with activities such as the training and development of employees at all Group companies.

DENSO CORPORATION has incorporated human rights education into position-based training (for corporate officers, newly appointed managers, new employees, mid-career hires, and temporary employees). The Company is also promoting enlightenment activities such as an online compliance test that targets all employees, including those at domestic Group companies, and contains questions related to human rights.

In addition, employees of domestic Group companies actively participate in external human rights training. Moreover, in Jul. 2021, we invited external lecturers to hold workshops for the officers responsible for human resources and representatives of divisions related to human rights in response to the rising internal and external interest in human rights issues. We will maintain our focus on preventing harassment going forward as we seek to enhance harassment prevention training programs through means such as introducing position-specific curricula.

Furthermore, the DENSO Group has set up a total of eight consultation venues for its internal reporting systems, which can be used by domestic Group companies and suppliers. Steps are taken to remedy issues should it be found that the Company has been explicitly or implicitly involved in violations of human rights. The level of awareness regarding internal reporting systems currently stands at 95.8%, but we are working to further improve this rate as we enhance our remediation measures.

Overseas Group companies are also involved in a variety of initiatives. In North America, DENSO Group companies have adopted internal policies prohibiting harassment, and they provide education on mutual respect and preventing sexual harassment as part of broader efforts to strengthen compliance and risk management targeting all levels of the organization, from management levels to new employees.

Individuals participating in a seminar on human rights* [DENSO CORPORATION]

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    * New employees, mid-career employees, contract employees, new level 3 management class

Human Rights Initiatives across the Supply Chain

Initiatives for respecting human rights are essential to promote not only on a Companywide basis but also throughout the entire supply chain. To that extent, DENSO promotes various initiatives together with its suppliers to ensure that there are no infringements on human rights occurring nor activities that could lead to the infringement of human rights. For example, we have incorporated items related to respecting human rights into the Supplier Sustainability Guidelines and encourage our suppliers to conduct self-checks on a regular basis using our supplier self-diagnostic sheets. We also engage in dialogue with our suppliers to request that they make improvements should any issue arise.

In addition, we recognize the responsible procurement of mineral resources and raw materials as an important issue within the supply chain. As a specific effort to address this issue, we have formulated a Companywide policy to respond to the issue of conflict minerals and request that our suppliers engage in the responsible procurement of mineral resources and raw materials. At the same time, with the cooperation of our suppliers, we conduct a survey on conflict minerals once a year.

Future Initiatives

DENSO recognizes that respect for human rights is imperative to gaining greater levels of trust and understanding from stakeholders and becoming a company at which diverse human resources can contribute. Accordingly, we will continue to disseminate the DENSO Group Human Rights Policy and promote human rights awareness across the supply chain and among all other stakeholders. Along with these endeavors, we will improve our human rights initiatives through human rights due diligence activities and the enhancement of remediation measures based on this policy.

The trend toward electrification and other market changes have the potential to increase the scale of mineral resources that present human rights risks. Accordingly, we periodically review the minerals that we target under our risk management efforts and examine ways to respond as a company. Through efforts such as these, we will avoid the use of minerals with risk concerns throughout the supply chain together with our suppliers.