Procurement Information

Organization & Main Procurement Items


Department  Main Responsibility
Electronic Parts Purchasing Division Semiconductor, Electric Parts, Printed Circuit Board, Motor, Sensor, Module, Electric Assembly/Functional Parts 
Mechanical Parts Purchasing Division Machining, Cold Forging Parts, Die Casting, Sintered Parts, Molding, Rubber Parts, Stamping Parts, Mechanical Assembly/Functional Parts


Materials / Equipment / Facilities
 Main Responsibility
Materials, Equipment & Facilities Purchasing Division Materials Purchasing Department
Steel, Ceramic, Rolled Aluminum, Secondary Aluminum, PP Resin
Equipment Purchasing Department Equipment, Equipment parts(Mechanical parts, Electric parts, Cutter, Tool etc)
Facilities Purchasing Department Building construction, Supplies, Service work

Other regions

Business Starting Process

We are looking for good partners from all over the world who understand our company's thinking and make efforts to contribute to mutual development and to social and economic development. The flow below may differ depending on the items, so please contact the following link for details.

1. Proposal, Application (Supplier)

If interested in discussing business with DENSO, please contact using the document which described the following items:

  • Company profile

  • Proposal
    i.Procurement items or contact sections you are interested in
    ii.Advanced capability of your company

2. Review the Proposal (DENSO)

3. Presentation (Supplier)

Present a detailed explanation of your proposal(s). Prepare documents and materials showing your company's progressive capability.

4. Review the Proposal (DENSO)

5. Quotation (Supplier)

Submit a quotation according to detailed specifications provided by DENSO. Include the detailed information about your manufacturing processes and processing methods. Propose possible VE/VA suggestions with the quotation.

6. Evaluate the Quotation (DENSO)

7. Prototype (Supplier)

Deliver samples and inspection reports according to detailed specifications.

8. Test the Prototype to evaluate quality and technology (DENSO)

9. Visit supplier to evaluate manufacturing processes (DENSO)

10. Contract/Purchase Order

11. Mass Production