Our Stakeholders

Basic Stance

DENSO conducts its business activities amid relationships with a diverse group of stakeholders. In order to build a sustainable society, we refer to international standards on social responsibility, such as ISO 26000, and are clarifying our responsibilities to stakeholders in regard to business activities. At the same time, we are placing tremendous importance on dialogues with all of our stakeholders to avoid engaging solely in activities born of accepted logic and assumptions held within the Company.

We will reflect collected feedback and the needs of society in all of our business activities as we work to fulfill our social responsibility.

DENSO and Its Stakeholders

    • DENSO and Its Stakeholders


While most of our customers are global automobile manufacturers, retailers, and consumers, it does not stop there. We have customers in a variety of industries, including distribution, transportation infrastructure, agriculture, and factory automation. Together with our service stations (SS) and business partners, we endeavor to offer goods and services that customers can trust.

・Customer service (via phone, homepage, email, etc.)
・General meetings of SS
・Improvements in service technology through competitions, etc.

Shareholders and Investors

DENSO has roughly 60,000 shareholders. Through appropriate and timely information disclosure and open dialogue, we are working to enhance corporate value by means of increased transparency in management as well as appropriate communication of DENSO’s appeal.

・General Meeting of Shareholders, DENSO DIALOG DAY
・Financial results briefings, one-on-one meeting (for institutional investors)
・Publication of integrated reports, securities reports, and business reports

Business Partners

DENSO has roughly 6,500 suppliers with which it does business. We build trust-based relationships with our suppliers through regular dialogue with them. At the same time, we aim for mutual growth with suppliers by working to improve the level of sustainability throughout the entire supply chain.

・Supplier Appreciation Meeting
・Implementation of sustainability self-assessments by suppliers
・Dialogue with suppliers, etc.


DENSO has roughly 170,000 employees worldwide. By sharing corporate information among all employees and having the Company and its employees work together to make various considerations, we aim to be a company where each employee can work vigorously.

・Employee awareness surveys
・Information transmission through intranets and in-house publications
・Diversified consulting services (open counseling rooms, hotlines, etc.)
・Panel discussions between labor and management, etc.

Global and Local Communications

DENSO has 288 Group companies operating in 35 countries and regions. Through dialogue with stakeholders (including local residents, governments, NPOs/NGOs, and schools), we are making efforts to comprehend social issues and are working cooperatively toward their resolution. In these ways, we contribute to lasting social development.

・Company tours and roundtable discussions for local residents and governments, etc.
・Cooperative activities with NPOs/NGOs in social contribution programs
・Operation of manufacturing schools and implementation of educational programs for students
・Participation in business organizations (such as the Japan Business Federation and the Japan Auto Parts Industries Association), etc.