Our Stakeholders

Basic Stance

DENSO conducts its business activities amid relationships with a diverse group of stakeholders. Particularly in an era with an uncertain outlook, flexibly responding to social changes and needs on our own is extremely challenging. On the other hand, we believe that building good relationships with stakeholders and expanding our circle of associates will create new business opportunities and improve our competitiveness, thereby strengthening our financial capital and enhancing our corporate value.
To that extent, we repeatedly hold dialogues with all of our stakeholders to avoid engaging solely in activities born of accepted logic and assumptions held within the Company. We will reflect on collected feedback and the needs of society in all of our business activities as we work to fulfill our social responsibility.

* Referencing ISO 26000, an international standard for social responsibility, this page lists information on stakeholders who have a close relationship with DENSO’s business activities.

DENSO and Its Stakeholders

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    * Suppliers, service stations, and business alliance partners, etc.

The Connection between Strengthening Relationships with Our Stakeholders and Enhancing Corporate Value


While most of our customers are global automobile manufacturers, retailers, and consumers, our business does not stop there. We have customers in a variety of industries, including distribution, transportation infrastructure, agriculture, and factory automation. By building robust relationships with these customers, we are able to strengthen the foundations for DENSO’s competitiveness in such ways as increasing business opportunities. This is achieved by encouraging the adoption of our products and services as well as amassing new technologies and expertise, developing personnel, and establishing optimal supply capabilities through transactions with customers. Through a deeper understanding of the needs and expectations of our customers, including those related to product functionality, and by engaging in continuous dialogues with them, we will create products and services that earn the trust of our customers and truly satisfy them. In this way, we will meet customer expectations and achieve growth as a company.

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Shareholders and Investors

DENSO has approximately 80,000 shareholders. Our shareholders and other investors are our valued supporters who provide us with advice that helps ensure that management is able to promote efforts to enhance corporate value in a highly sound manner.
We therefore place great importance on building trust-based relationships with them. Through appropriate and timely information disclosure and open dialogue, we are working to enhance corporate value by means of increased transparency in management as well as appropriate communication of DENSO’s appeal.

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Business Partners

The competitiveness of our products and services is underpinned by the high technological capabilities, insight, know-how, and stable supply of our business partners. In addition, our efforts toward such matters as carbon neutrality and human rights due diligence require the understanding and cooperation of our business partners. By bolstering partnerships with our suppliers, service stations, and other business partners, we will aim to achieve mutual growth together.

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DENSO has roughly 170,000 employees worldwide. As the collective wisdom and strengths of DENSO employees create new value, enhancing engagement with our employees around the globe is an essential element in achieving DENSO’s growth. We therefore hold repeated dialogues with our employees and are striving to establish working environments in which they can fully leverage their individual capabilities and work with a sense of fulfillment.

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Local Communities

DENSO has over 200 Group companies in countries and regions across the globe. For business continuity, we must realize coexistence and co-prosperity with the regions where we have businesses and gain acceptance as a good corporate citizen in these regions. Also, confronting regional issues gives employees opportunities to develop an awareness of the need to address social issues, which is an important facet of business activities. Through dialogue with stakeholders (including local residents, governments, NPOs/NGOs, and schools), we are making efforts to comprehend social issues and are working cooperatively toward their resolution. In these ways, we contribute to lasting social development.

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