What if your car had night vision like an owl?

In the dark of night, owls instantly detect movement and clearly see their surroundings. Cars with this ability could dramatically reduce traffic accidents.

Vehicle detection among city lights.

City streets are more dangerous at night, but low visibility and blinding headlights are no match for DENSO innovation. Our new object detection technology can give your car night vision like an owl. Accident prevention just became much clearer.

Traffic accidents are on the rise worldwide.

Vehicle safety technologies continue to improve, yet 1.2 million people are killed in traffic accidents each year, and the number continues to rise. As more people drive cars in more countries, the need to improve vehicle safety becomes increasingly urgent.

Can this new technology allow us to see cars clearly during night driving in cities?

Hossein Tehrani Niknejad
Advanced Sensing System Researcher

"Distinguishing headlights from streetlights using images is difficult, especially when you consider the shape and appearance of thousands of car models on the road.”

Technology to detect cars, their distances and driver behavior? DENSO has it.

The glare of city lights and oncoming car headlights can make driving at night difficult, but DENSO innovation is there to help keep you safe. Our new, intelligent algorithm uses data from thousands of possible car models to detect cars and their distances and driver behavior, even in low visibility or blurry conditions. 

Best Poster Runner-up Award, IEEE* Intelligent Vehicles Symposium 2014, Detroit, USA
*Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Six vehicle part details automatically detected from rear-quarter view.
Six vehicle part details automatically detected from rear-quarter view.

Accurate detection intelligence leads studies

We put our technology to the test in a series of experimental testing, simulating the severe, difficult conditions drivers experience at night. The results? DENSO technology leads the way in accuracy, speed and complexity. Accidents happen in an instant, so the system that accurately identifies risk down to the millisecond without error has the potential to save lives. And we are not done. Our newest advances are exploring the Deep Neural Networks to more closely mimic the human brain.

More advanced safety systems

This technology has the potential to improve safety for drivers and their surroundings. Pedestrians, motorcycles, animals and other obstacles in any setting around the world can benefit. Combining our accurate detection technology with sensors such as millimeter wave radars, laser radar systems or wireless communications prepares the way for world-first safety systems.

On the road to automated driving

When technology advances so far that any object in any situation can be detected in fractions of a second, automated driving becomes reality.

Our challenge - to eliminate traffic accidents.

At DENSO, our employees dream of the day when people and automobiles co-exist safely in a world where there are no traffic accidents. How can our high-speed, high-precision object detection technology make the world safer for drivers and pedestrians? What new technologies can we develop next to achieve our accident-free vision? DENSO is committed to answering these questions while continuing to reduce traffic accidents worldwide.