Increasing reliability in the mobility revolution

As our connected society becomes increasingly complex and intertwined,
we at DENSO will ensure our technologies are neatly organized, integrated into a beautifully harmonious system.

Applications developed by mobility service innovators will be connected securely to vehicle systems and society as a whole.
We are going to eliminate new threats and instabilities,
improving the reliability of our services and making them more attractive to a wider audience.

01Connecting mobility and the cloud in a simple manner

We develop platforms designed to improve connectivity between increasingly complex mobility systems and cloud services in a simple and safe manner.

02Maintaining mobility in the best condition

We continuously update mobility security and services to maintain and optimize safety and convenience.

03Responding to all threats

We predict various and increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks by monitoring threats, protecting mobility and providing quick responses to these attacks.

04Developing systems for the development of mobility services

We work to develop systems that will enable safer, more sustainable and more creative mobility services.

05Promoting communication between passengers and mobility

We are developing an interface that helps mobility understand passenger needs and preferences, thereby enhancing the user experience in the vehicle.

06Watching over inside and outside the car

In order to avoid collisions with other vehicles, objects and pedestrians, our sensors detect the range visible from the car as well as the invisible range. Our technology is also designed to accurately observe the condition of the vehicle’s passengers to prepare for unforeseen danger.

07Judging correctly and instantaneously

Based on correctly perceived information, our technology is able to make fast and precise judgements on how a vehicle should move to avoid danger.

08Preventing an accident

Our safety technology prevents hazards that could lead to accidents, such as component failures and mistakes in assessing the surrounding environment.

09Protecting lives at all times

We aim to achieve zero casualties in collisions, not only for vehicle users and passengers but also for pedestrians.

10Creating Communications between Automobiles and Society

Through various means of communication, such as exterior display functions and lighting, we create mobility that fosters greater peace of mind.