Enhancing the safety of society as a whole

Even if our vehicles are safe, accidents can still happen.
There are so many things that are out of our control,
from roads destroyed by natural disasters to pedestrians and bicyclists ignoring traffic rules and stop signs.

Imagine cars able to inform each other about unseen dangers up ahead
and sensors installed along the road that can detect bicyclists rushing into traffic.
At DENSO, we want to develop a system for eliminating traffic accidents
that will involve linking all forms of mobility to each other and to public infrastructure so they can inform and assist one another.

01Connecting infrastructure to mobility

By enabling communication between vehicles and other vehicles, vehicles and traffic lights, and vehicles and people, we predict traffic situations and help cars navigate safely.

02Creating Communications between Automobiles and Society

Through various means of communication, such as exterior display functions and lighting, we create mobility that fosters greater peace of mind.

03Connecting mobility and the cloud in a simple manner

We develop platforms designed to improve connectivity between increasingly complex mobility systems and cloud services in a simple and safe manner.

04Responding to all threats

We predict various and increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks by monitoring threats, protecting mobility and providing quick responses to these attacks.

05Developing systems for the development of mobility services

We work to develop systems that will enable safer, more sustainable and more creative mobility services.