Diversity & Inclusion at DENSO

Driven by Diversity

Creating a bright future through diverse people and ideas

Message from the President

The world is changing at an accelerating pace, creating unanticipated challenges one after another. In such an environment, higher accuracy in safety technology, electrification of eco-friendly automobiles and innovation beyond the framework of the automobile are expected. 

To continue to thrive and grow, DENSO needs the diverse talents and perspectives of its associates around the world.  That diversity gives us the opportunity to increase our knowledge and strengthen our teamwork.  New concepts born from diverse people while respecting and understanding the differences that make our cultures unique, lead to greater job satisfaction and greater trust from our local communities and our customers.  This is why it’s important for DENSO to promote diversity and inclusion, and we believe it is essential for the sustainable growth of the company.  

The key to promote Diversity and Inclusion at DENSO is to establish a culture where diverse talents are utilized, and further deepen and strengthen the DENSO Spirit pillars of “Foresight” “Credibility” and “Collaboration” aligned with the current environment.

We will continue creating a culture where every associate’s strong passion will enable us to contribute to a better world.   


Koji Arima,
President & CEO
DENSO Corporation