The speed of resource consumption is increasing in line with global population growth, economic expansion, and the pursuit of greater convenience. It we continue in this vein, resources will be depleted and large-scale consumption will result in greater waste that will pollute the environment unless it is processed.

To provide all our stakeholders with peace of mind, DENSO will promote continuous improvements with the aim of reducing the impact of environmentally hazardous substances, emissions, and waste by half. We will contribute to atmospheric environment improvements in each region through the development of technologies that reduce automobile emissions, as well as promote reductions in waste and water resource usage within logistics and at factories. Furthermore, we will enhance environmental education to ensure that associates engage in activities that preserve the global environment and create sustainable societies.

Eco-Materials & Low Emissions

We are making our product materials even more environment-friendly.

Minimum Environmental Impact Production

We are making efforts to recycle resources and minimize the amount of water used and chemical emissions and waste produced.

Environmental Awareness, Knowledge and Skills

All employees are highly conscious of the global environment, make every effort to learn on their own, and take action for a better tomorrow.