Outside Evaluation

Fiscal 2018


Third Place in the 21st Nikkei Environmental Management Survey’s Overall Ranking of Manufacturers (Japan)

In the 21st Nikkei Environmental Management Survey conducted by Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc., DENSO placed third in the overall ranking of manufacturers in Japan. The Company received particularly high evaluations for its product-related measures and measures for preventing pollution and protecting biodiversity.

Acquisition of “B” Ranking in CDP Climate Change Survey 2017

DENSO promotes communication with its stakeholders regarding the environment through the proactive disclosure of environmental information. In light of this endeavor, in fiscal 2018 DENSO received a “B” ranking in CDP Climate Change Survey 2017.

Note: The Climate Disclosure Project (CDP) is an international NGO that implements projects together with institutional investors that encourage companies around the world to disclose their strategies to address climate change as well as their greenhouse gas emission volumes.


Received Superior Award (Corporate Category) in the 2017 Company Grand Prizes for Fostering Environmental Personnel

(Left) Tokutaro Nakai, Director-General for Environmental Policy, Ministry of the Environment; (right) Keiko Shimokata, Executive Director

DENSO received the Superior Award (Corporate Category) in the 2017 Company Grand Prizes for Fostering Environmental Personnel,*1 sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment. Reasons cited for our selection were the enhanced quality and scope of our educational program based on Eco Vision 2025, which we announced in 2016; the clear positioning of this program within the corporate strategy; e-learning on product life cycle assessment (LCA)*2; and an environment that encourages employees to remain abreast of global trends, such as the SDGs.

*1 The Company Grand Prizes for Fostering Environmental Personnel are awarded to companies that conduct superior initiatives aimed at fostering human resources who promote environmental preservation and socioeconomic greening, realizing corporate management that seeks to achieve harmony with the global environment.

*2 A method for quantitatively and objectively evaluating environmental impact at all stages, from resource extraction through to manufacturing, transportation, use, disposal, and recycling

Received Outstanding Performance Award in the 2018 Aichi Environment Awards

DENSO received the Outstanding Performance Award in the 2018*1 Aichi Environment Awards, which are hosted by Aichi Prefecture. The Company was highly evaluated for its DENSO Eco Vision 2025, which promotes environmental management through the integration of life cycle assessment,*2 environmental management systems, and quality assurance structures.

Fiscal 2017

Received Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Medal in Recognition of Contributions to Clean Diesel

DENSO received the IEEE Medal (Environmental and Safety Technologies)*1 from the IEEE, the world’s largest electrical and electronics international society.*2 This award was bestowed in recognition of the world’s first practical application of electronic multipoint fuel-injection systems (hereinafter, common rail systems), which substantially contribute to the adoption of clean diesel vehicles.

*1 IEEE Medal (Environmental and Safety Technologies)

Each year researchers, engineers, and teams are selected and awarded by the IEEE for significant contributions to technological innovations and the development of businesses and industries. The IEEE Medal for Environmental and Safety Technologies is awarded for outstanding achievements in the environmental and safety fields.

*2 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE)

The world's largest electrical and electronics technical professional organization, headquartered in the United States. Conducts activities as an academic society mainly in the engineering field and as a standardization organization for industrial technologies

Received the LCA Japan Forum’s Chairman Award at the 13th LCA Japan Forum Awards

The Life Cycle Assessment Society of Japan was established in 1995 in order to encourage and expand life cycle assessments (LCA)* and environmentally efficient business approaches and to realize sustainable economic and social growth. The Company’s DENSO Eco Vision 2025, which strives for environmental management from a life cycle perspective, was evaluated highly by the Life Cycle Assessment Society of Japan, as was its support for activities to encourage LCA and other environment-related activities.

* Life cycle assessment refers to a method for quantitatively and objectively assessing the environmental impact generated in each stage of a product’s life cycle from resource procurement to manufacture, shipping, use, disposal, and recycling.

SDM and SKD Receive Platinum-Level Award at Amata Waste Management Awards for Second Consecutive Year

SDM*4 and SKD*5 received the Platinum-Level Award at the Amata Waste Management Awards organized by Amata Corporation, a leading company in the industrial development and management business in Thailand. SDM and SKD were both highly praised for their effective waste management, including waste utilization, based on the 3Rs.