Information Security

Basic Stance

DENSO is making efforts to strengthen the protection and management of information based on the DENSO Group Basic Principles of Information Security.

These basic principles are being revamped in the current fiscal year. Through this effort, DENSO is working to reinforce its information security, including not only the management of highly classified information at its offices but also information related to product design and production manufacture.

DENSO Group Basic Principles of Information Security

The DENSO Group has adopted “contributing to a better world by creating value together with a vision for the future” as its corporate philosophy. Guided by this philosophy, the Group is engaging in business activities to deliver the joy of driving and the convenience of vehicles to people around the world with the aim of preserving the global environment and realizing a safe and secure society.

In the field of information security, where safety and security are vital, the number of new risks, in addition to existing ones, are rising on a daily basis, including increasingly sophisticated and cunning cyberattacks on the Group’s products and factories.

Amid an accelerating shift toward a “more connected society” with the emergence of innovations such as automatic driving and IoT, the Group recognizes the delivery of secure, highly reliable products to customers around the world as well as the protection of customers’ information assets from various threats as the most important issues for its management.

As such, the Group has established its basic principles of information security and is working Groupwide to further strengthen information security efforts under the guidance of the chief information security officer (CISO).

1.We will strictly adhere to law and government policies related to information security as well as other social norms.

2.We will establish management systems for information security under the guidance of our top management.

3.We will identify risks related to information security and implement appropriate personal, systematic, and technological efforts to counter these risks.

4.We will continuously conduct educational and enlightenment activities related to information security.

5.We will promptly investigate any incidents that arise concerning information security and make concerted efforts to minimize damage and prevent reoccurrences.

6.We will carry out inspections of our management systems and initiatives related to information security and work to continuously improve and revise these systems and initiatives.

Promotion Structure

Following the revamped DENSO Group Basic Policies of Information Security, we established the Information Security Promotion Department in June 2016 as a section of the Company that reinforces and directs information security activities.

Under the Information Security Promotion Department, we will clarify Groupwide policies and responsibilities concerning information security and will continue to aim for building a foundation to respond to the changing environment surrounding the information security of corporations.

Specific Initiatives

The first essential aspect in ensuring information security is setting up systems and rules. Accordingly, DENSO has formulated the DENSO Group Security Guideline based on international standards of information security management systems (such as ISO/IEC27001). This guideline stipulates the necessary actions we must take as an organization and as individuals to ensure information security.

The next important aspect in ensuring information security is to thoroughly enforce policies and rules among all employees. We are therefore focusing our efforts on conducting various educational and enlightenment activities as well as on improving employee awareness and reinforcing their understanding of rules.

Another valuable aspect is verifying how efforts toward information security are being managed. As such, we carry out inspections at each Group company globally. In addition to implementing voluntary Companywide inspections every year, we send a dedicated team of specialists from our headquarters to each Group company on a regular basis to confirm the status of information security efforts firsthand.

Supported by the three pillars of “systems,” “education and enlightenment,” and “inspection,” we are working to improve the level of information security at DENSO.

Future Initiatives

We anticipate that the environment surrounding DENSO’s information security will continue to become more severe going forward. Functioning as a global headquarters, DENSO Corporation will undertake initiatives to revise management systems that respond to changes in this severe environment as well as strengthen policies geared toward information security on a Groupwide basis.