Promoting Employee Health

Basic Stance

Good mental and physical health not only provides happiness to our employees and their families, it also represents the source for invigorating employees in their work.

Positioning the promotion of employee health as an important management issue, DENSO announced its Health Declaration in September 2016. Furthermore, to encourage activities that promote employee health and raise the level of health awareness in the workplace, DENSO is working to enhance its health-related initiatives from the perspective of both mental and physical health.

DENSO Health Declaration

DENSO believes that good physical and mental health allows its employees to fully demonstrate their individual capabilities and personalities, which in turn further invigorates the Company as a whole. DENSO also believes that the happiness and passion that stem from being in good physical and mental health provide the driving force for energizing the Company and helping it attract new talent. In addition to enhancing the health-related initiatives we have thus far promoted, we hereby declare our intention to create a company in which employees can maintain good health and work in an energetic fashion. In doing so, we will realize our management principle of “corporate vitality and respect for individuality.”

Koji Arima

President & CEO

DENSO Corporation

September 23, 2016

Promotion Structure

Initiatives of DENSO CORPORATION (Japan)

DENSO has established the Health Care Committee as an organization affiliated with the Health Care Promotion Division and other divisions. In doing so, we are promoting health-related initiatives on a Companywide basis. Furthermore, we have set up “health care leaders” at each office who engage in activities that promote employee health. Together with these health care leaders, we make efforts to encourage healthy habits among our employees in accordance with annual plans (health care action plans) drafted for each individual office to improve health consciousness among employees and foster teamwork.

Furthermore, we provide necessary and appropriate support to promote the mental and physical health of our employees Groupwide, both in Japan and overseas, based on the sanitary conditions and medical care environment at each location.

Specific Initiatives

Initiatives of DENSO Corporation (Japan)

The Company has adopted improvements in employee awareness of health promotion and the promotion of health management in the workplace as its Mid-term Policy 2018 and has also incorporated the approach of “health and productivity management.”* To that end, we are working to strengthen promotion structures Companywide and enhance the health promotion activities already in place.

* “Health and productivity management” is a registered trademark of the NPO Kenko Keiei Kenkyukai.

Promoting Measures to Alleviate Metabolic Syndrome

As ameliorative measures for those suffering from metabolic syndrome, a lifestyle-related disease, we have established a system for receiving specific health guidance from in-house experts during work hours.

Promoting “Health Day” Training

To improve the health awareness of our employees, it is important to have them understand and thoroughly reflect on the conditions of their physical and mental health.

For employees who are approaching 39 years of age, we conduct a one-day training session called “Health Day.” In this training, employees undergo a health examination, measure their physical strength, receive instruction on health maintenance and healthy eating habits, and participate in educational activities. Employees also set health-related goals for their 40s.

Health lecture
Balance assessment
Physical fitness test
Exercises for back pain

Activities to Decrease Smoking Rates

We began a Companywide anti-smoking project in fiscal 2012 to reduce smoking-related health risks and secondhand smoke. As part of these efforts, a target smoking rate was established and activities developed from smoking environment (outdoor smoking areas), workplace (training sessions), and individual (introduction of outpatient treatment for those quitting smoking at all offices) approaches.

Mental Health

We have instituted a variety of measures to encourage timely identification of and care for mental illness.

Establishment of Mental Health Counseling Office (one at a time at all plants since 2000)

We established a system for full-time health professionals to be available for counseling at all times and are working closely in cooperation with individual workplaces.

Stress Checks and Alleviative Responses

We introduced annual mental health checks for employees in 2013, ahead of the related amendment to the Industrial Safety and Health Act. We support the mental health of our employees by reporting the results of these health checks to individuals, with feedback on analyzed group results delivered to workplaces. We meet one-on-one with those experiencing high levels of stress and work to secure care in a timely manner.

Status of Mental Health Checks

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Participation rate



System to Support Employees Returning to Work after Leave (introduced in 2006)

To ensure a smooth return to work for employees who have taken extended leave, we have established a support system wherein occupational health physicians and expert staff work in close cooperation.

Training in Mental Health Awareness

Occupational health physicians introduced mental health training into the curriculums for new manager training and situational training for management.

Situational Training for Management in Fiscal 2017


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Training sessions

8 (4 in 1H and 4 in 2H)

Training time

100 minutes each

Future Initiatives

With the aim of fostering a corporate climate where employees can continue to work in a healthy and energetic manner, the DENSO Group continues to support the creation of healthy lifestyles and is making strides in creating work environments that are safe, secure, and fulfilling.