Together with Local Communities

Basic Stance

The DENSO Group Basic Policy for Corporate Citizenship Activities was established in 2006. Guided by this policy, DENSO is promoting a variety of corporate citizenship activities that capitalize on the unique capabilities of the Group in not only areas where Group companies operate but also the residential areas of Group employees, disaster-stricken areas, and developing countries, with the aim of maintaining the trust and understanding of local communities and contributing to the sustainable development of society. In addition, we are preparing systems to heighten the awareness of our employees toward local social issues and encourage them to take action. We also actively support employee participation in volunteer activities.

DENSO Group’s Corporate Citizenship Activities

The DENSO Group aims to become an admired company in each community where it operates by undertaking corporate citizenship activities that contributes to the sustainable development of society

Initiative Stance

  • We promote activities that are tailored to the actual circumstances of each country and region in collaboration with regional community members.

  • We focus on the social issues facing each country and region and work to provide solutions to these issues together with our Group companies.

  • By effectively leveraging the resources we possess, we engage in activities that utilize the skills and know-how of our employees

Priority Areas of the DENSO Group’s Corporate Citizenship Activities

Based on the respective social issues in each region of operation, we are promoting corporate citizenship activities that center on the following three fields.

  1. Harmony with the environment

    We work to protect the natural environment in local communities and contribute to the conservation of the global environment.

  2. Development of safe and secure communities

    To provide resolutions to the problems facing each community, we carry out activities that contribute to the safety and security of local communities, including traffic safety education and relief activities for areas impacted by natural disasters.

  3. Hitozukuri

    (1) Development of youth
    To cultivate the human resources that will oversee the next generation, we support educational activities related to science, technologies, and technical skills. We also support educational activities that contribute to the sustainability of society.
    (2) Welfare of people with disabilities
    We support the self-reliance of people who wish to participate in society and provide them with opportunities to do so.

Notional Diagram of Corporate Citizenship Activities

  • communities-img-initiatives-en

Examples of Initiatives

  • Examples of Initiatives

1. Initiatives Led by the Company

(1) Initiatives in priority areas

The following activities are being carried out to maximize “green” and “peace of mind” value to be inspiring, as set forth in the DENSO Group’s long-term policy for 2030.

Harmony with the environment

In addition to aspiring to realize eco-friendly Monozukuri within its business activities, DENSO engages in a variety of environmental preservation activities as a corporate citizen, together with local communities. Through these activities, DENSO aims to realize a society where people live in harmony with the environment.

    • Mangrove planting activities

      Mangrove planting activities (Thailand)

    • Loggerhead turtle protection activities

      Loggerhead turtle protection activities (DNJP Toyohashi, Japan)

Initiatives toward the Effective Use of Resources-“Bottle to Bottle” Horizontal Recycling

In collaboration with Suntory Beverage & Food Limited, DENSO is implementing “Bottle to Bottle” horizontal recycling* at its head office in which used plastic bottles collected on the premises are recycled and turned into new plastic bottles.

* Horizontal recycling refers to recovering and processing used products into raw materials to be used to reproduce the original item.

    • bottletobottle
    • bottle to bottle

Development of safe and secure communities

The DENSO Group seeks to develop technologies and engage in manufacturing activities that protect the safety and security of people. We are also working to help build a society in which everyone can live with peace of mind through corporate citizenship activities.

    • communities-img-2020-04

      Visiting classes on traffic safety at elementary schools (DIAT, Thailand)

    • communities-img-2021-01

      Relief activities in disaster-stricken areas (DNJP)

Ongoing Support for Post-Great East Japan Earthquake Restoration Activities

Immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake struck, DENSO began fundraising activities and advancing restoration support activities across the Group, such as dispatching about 700 employees to the affected areas, delivering relief items, and proactively providing support for individual volunteer efforts of employees. We continue to offer ongoing support for the restoration efforts.

Human Resource Development

[1] Development of youth

The DENSO Group has been contributing to the creation of employment opportunities and the development of local communities through its Monozukuri and Hitozukuri activities. In addition, the Group has long been engaged in promoting youth development at its manufacturing bases all over the world and is currently offering a variety of youth development programs at these locations.

    • FIRST Robotics Competition support program

      FIRST Robotics Competition support program
      (DENSO International America, Inc. (United States)) 

    • DENSO Science School

      DENSO Science School (DNJP)

    • The DENSO Cup soccer tournament

      The DENSO Cup soccer tournament (DNJP)

[2] Welfare of people with disabilities

Seeking to contribute to the realization of a barrier-free society, DENSO proactively supports the Wheelchairs & Friendship Center of Asia (WAFCA), a certified NPO established in 1999, and other local welfare organizations as part of its activities focused on helping people with disabilities achieve independence.

    • communities-img-2023-03

      Wheelchair donation activities undertaken through WAFCA (DNJP)

    • communities-img-2023-04

      Support for Oita International Wheelchair Marathon
      (DENSO CORPORATION; DENSO KYUSHU Co., Ltd.; DENSO Solution Japan Corporation, Japan)

(2) Other activities to promote harmony with local communities

The DENSO Group views regional development, such as enhancing the economic power of local communities and improving people’s motivation to work, as an important issue in the undertaking of its business activities. To that end, the Group participates in a broad range of initiatives, including regional revitalization activities.

    • communities-img-2021-03

      Participation in the Kariya Mando Festival (DNJP Kariya)

    • communities-img-2021-04

      Participation in the Kota Kite-Flying Festival (DNJP Kota)

    • communities-img-2021-05

      Food bank donations (DPAM, United States)

2. Support for the Individual Actions of Employees

  • 社員の自主活動・支援制度

DENSO Group provides various volunteer promotion systems and measures to help employees participate in volunteer activities during their free time.

In addition, with the aim of realizing a sustainable society, from 2021 we are working to become a corporate group that is truly inspiring to society by contributing to all of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through our businesses and the actions of each of our employees.

Major Systems to Support Volunteer Activities

Volunteer Holiday
(October 2021~)
Paid-leave systems that employees can use once a year in order to participate in volunteer activities
(December 2011~)
HEARTFUL Menu is a system in which ¥10 is automatically deducted from an employee’s salary and donated to organizations working to resolve local issues that pertain to the SDGs every time an employee purchases a meal from the designated HEARTFUL Menu at employee cafeterias.
(2004 ~)
The DENSO Group HEARTFUL Fund is a system in which money is collected through the automatic deduction of ¥100 from the salaries of participating employees. This money is used in various ways, including donations to local organizations, funding the planned volunteer activities of employees, and providing relief to disaster-stricken areas.
DENSO Group HEARTFUL Club Friend
(1998 ~)
DENSO Group HEARTFUL Club Friend is an employee volunteer organization. This organization engages in various self-driven volunteer activities based on themes associated with the social issues its members seek to resolve.

Overview of Main Volunteer Activities (Basic Volunteer Activities)

We recommend five types of recycling-oriented collection activities in which anyone can easily participate.

Collected item Purpose
PET bottle caps Donations for vaccines for children in need around the world
Can tabs Funds for purchasing wheelchairs for children with disabilities in Asia
Empty contact lens cases CO2 emissions reductions, funds to support people with disabilities
Books Funds to build elementary schools in developing countries
BELL-MARK Cartridges Funds to purchase school supplies
(currently, funds are donated primarily to elementary/junior high schools in areas impacted by the Great East Japan Earthquake)

    • communities-img-2021-06

      Collection of can tabs

    • communities-img-2021-07

      Wheelchair donation by pull top

    • communities-img-2021-08

      Collection of contact lens cases by DENSO Iris

Main Initiatives to Support the Independent Activities of Employees


The DENSO Group HEARTFUL Festival is an event that helps bring people together to raise awareness on local social issues and provide an impetus to act on such issues. The event also aims to create even better cities and towns by forming connections between local community members and DENSO employees. The DENSO Group HEARTFUL Festival has been held every year since 2012, and it was held online in 2020 due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fiscal 2023, the HEARTFUL Festival was held in conjunction with the DENSO MURAN 2022 Companywide event.

    • communities-img-2021-09

      Volunteer staff (fiscal 2020)

Future Initiatives

Raising awareness of employees regarding the issues faced in their communities and encouraging them to act provides them with opportunities to pursue personal growth. Going forward, the DENSO Group will continue to proactively engage in social contribution activities aimed at resolving issues in local communities.