Sustainability Management

DENSO’s Sustainability

DENSO incorporates the perspective of social sustainability within its management strategies and works to improve corporate value by implementing these strategies. The perspective of sustainability has long been applied to the NIPPONDENSO Spirit, our original mission statement that has provided the foundation of DENSO’s management since its founding, as well as our Basic Philosophy and Long-term Policy. It is also a perspective that we have inherited over many years.

To enhance the transparency of our sustainability management and accelerate related initiatives, we have determined new material issues (materiality). Going forward, we will gain the understanding of a wide range of stakeholders through the implementation of sustainability management. At the same time, we will aim to realize the sustainable growth of society and improve our corporate value.

Philosophy & Vision

In October 2017, we announced the DENSO Group Long-term Policy 2030, a compass for new business activities.

As we approach 2030, under the three keywords “environment,” “security” and “empathy,” DENSO will maximize value provided through its traditional focus on “environment” and “security” while contributing to the creation of a society filled with smiles through the provision of a new value: social “empathy.”

Sustainability Policy

Since our founding, DENSO has been serious about contributing to a better world. In fact, our management philosophy reads, “Creating value together with a vison for the future.” To achieve that mission, we adopted the DENSO Group Sustainability Policy, which outlines expectations for all employees in our global group companies.

Promotion structure

DENSO uses the Senior Executive Director Meeting and theme-based committees (e.g., the environment, safety, etc.) to identify and discuss these issues, and promotes relevant departments working together to solve complex issues. The Global Strategy Department and Public Relations Department serve as the Group’s supervisory bodies to track activities and help address division-wide issues, disseminate information outside the Company, and promote communication with our key stakeholders.

To lead the way in promoting CSR at workplaces and Group companies, we select one CSR Leader in each department and company in line with efforts to spread and firmly establish CSR awareness.


From the various issues that society faces, we determined the material issues (materiality) toward which we should give priority. Through our business activities, we will steadily work to resolve these issues.

Process for Determining Materiality

Relationship of Materiality to SDGs

Specific activities – Activities to permeate Sustainability

DENSO works to provide regular communications on CSR activities to employees through educational programs, information dissemination and promoting the activities of our employees.

E-learning (DIEN)
Dialogue with society (DNJP)(stakeholders)

Stakeholder Engagement

DENSO values dialogues with stakeholders to avoid self-righteous activities adhering only to Company logic and assumptions.

Future initiatives

To link materiality-related efforts with our business activities and continuously control the progress of these efforts, we have shared our materiality Companywide and determined long-term targets and KPIs in accordance with each materiality theme. With our KPIs, we will examine methods for improving employee motivation by visualizing the level of achievement we have made toward our targets. This level of achievement will be reported to the executive officers two times a year, helping us to identify issues we face in reaching our targets and make improvements to the initiatives we are undertaking. In these ways, we will carry out sustainability management in an even more effective way.