CSR Management

CSR for the DENSO Group – CSR as a source of sustainable growth

At DENSO, since its founding in 1949, we have been serious about contributing to a better world by creating value together with a vision for the future, that set out in its management philosophy (the DENSO Philosophy.) We believe that from concept to production, our technologies must deliver value beyond function. They must support a larger social mission that enables DENSO to achieve sustainable growth, while remaining in harmony with the world around us.

It became obvious to us that industry must live in close harmony with the natural world, and that being a good corporate citizen is about more than just complying with social rules (e.g. laws and regulations), but identifying social needs and bringing products to market that contribute to a better world.

Our vision for Corporate Social Responsibility is reinforced by the daily actions of our employees who are building strong relationships with our key stakeholders to make certain that we stay true to the DENSO Philosophy – our guide for remaining a trusted partner around the world.

Philosophy & Vision

In October 2017, we announced the DENSO Group Long-term Policy 2030, a compass for new business activities.

As we approach 2030, under the three keywords “environment,” “security” and “empathy,” DENSO will maximize value provided through its traditional focus on “environment” and “security” while contributing to the creation of a society filled with smiles through the provision of a new value: social “empathy.”

CSR framework

(1) CSR policy

In order to effectively fulfill DENSO’s CSR mission of building a sustainable society, we adopted the DENSO Group Declaration of Corporate Behavior, which clarified our approach for global group companies. As a global company, DENSO understands the importance of culture and history, especially as it relates to important business practices. So, in addition to the adoption of the DENSO Group Declaration of Corporate Behavior for our companies, we created a Code of Conduct for DENSO Group Employees. Specifically written for Japan, North America, Europe, China, Asia and Oceania, and India, among others, the Code of Conduct takes careful consideration of regional and cultural differences. It provides clear guidelines of desirable conduct for our employees, with the intent that it will be used as a tool by which one’s behavior is regularly evaluated.

(2) CSR approach

DENSO is a truly global company, with 150,000 employees in 38 countries. We recognize that the needs of our communities vary widely, and in light of this, we have an established a flexible CSR approach that enables our domestic and overseas group companies to share in the responsibility to plan and implement activities that align with the DENSO Group Declaration of Corporate Behavior. This approach allows our group companies the ability to address the circumstances being faced by each company and the issues facing the specific region and country in which they operate.

(3) Promotion structure

DENSO realizes at times there are CSR activities that are broader in nature. In these cases, we use the Top Management Meeting and theme-based committees (e.g. the environment, safety) to identify and discuss these issues, and promote relevant departments working together to solve complex issues. The Corporate Communications Division serves as the group’s supervising body to track activities, helping to address division-wide issues, disseminate information outside the company and promote communication with our key stakeholders.

Promotion structure

Specific activities – Activities to permeate CSR

DENSO works to provide regular communications on CSR activities to employees through educational programs, information dissemination and promoting the activities of our employees.

Dialogue with society(DNJP)(stakeholders)

Stakeholder Engagement

DENSO values dialogues with stakeholders to avoid self-righteous activities adhering only to Company logic and assumptions.

Future initiatives

To deliver a future in which smiles spread throughout the world, in all societies and among all people, DENSO will work with society to resolve social issues through business activities.

Understanding these social issues requires that we actively promote dialogue with external stakeholders to further increase our sensitivity to the world around us. Thus, DENSO will focus on strengthening its Group management, improving the way we share the progress of our activities and issues, and enhancing our activities through regular collaborations.