In recent years, international society has been affected by more frequent abnormal weather—globally and in various Japanese regions—due to climate change. To address this situation, the Paris Agreement, which was adopted in 2015, called for efforts to limit the average rise in global temperatures to less than two degrees from the start of the Industrial Revolution. As a long-term target, the agreement called for essentially zero emissions of greenhouse gases due to human activity. Companies are being called on to engage in environmental activities based on this long-term perspective.

Basic Stance

DENSO formulates the Eco Vision every 10 years as a long-term commitment toward environmental management and policies pursued by the Group. Furthermore, an Environmental Action Plan is formulated every five years to embody the commitments and environmental policies established in the Eco Vision.

DENSO EcoVision 2025

DENSO formulated Eco Vision 2025 as a new action plan for realizing sustainable communities and societies by 2050. Taking into account the changes in our external environment, we have also established additional targets to be reached by 2025: ENERGY 1/2, CLEAN x 2, and GREEN x 2, known as “Target 3.” To achieve these targets at the product, factory, associate, and management levels, DENSO is promoting specific actions referred to collectively as “Action 10.”

Target 3 & Action 10


We are aiming to reduce CO2 emissions by half with technologies that resolve global warming, energy, and resource issues. Within product development, DENSO will contribute to reducing CO2 emissions from automobiles through the development of new technologies and products that improve fuel consumption and are compatible with a variety of fuels. At factories, we will promote the reduction of CO2 and aim for halving energy consumption through Energy Just-in-Time (JIT) activities corresponding to production fluctuations while improving logistics.


To provide all our stakeholders with peace of mind, DENSO will promote continuous improvements with the aim of reducing the impact of environmentally hazardous substances, emissions, and waste by half. We will contribute to atmospheric environment improvements in each region through the development of technologies that reduce automobile emissions, as well as promote reductions in waste and water resource usage within logistics and at factories. Furthermore, we will enhance environmental education to ensure that associates engage in activities that preserve the global environment and create sustainable societies.


To pass on the abundance of nature to the next generation, DENSO will conduct corporate activities aiming for symbiosis with nature through the promotion of biofuel research, agricultural support, and other environment-related new businesses, as well as the promotion of factory greening. DENSO will engage in the creation of eco-friendly communities by conducting environmentally themed social contribution activities and events in each region and business site to promote improved employee awareness and activity engagement.

Action 10

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