Responsibility to Global and Local Communities

DENSO Group Basic Policy for Corporate Citizenship Activities (Formulated in Fiscal 2006)

To contribute to the sustainable development of society, the DENSO Group is promoting a variety of corporate citizenship activities as a good corporate citizen. In doing so, the Group aims to earn the trust and understanding of its stakeholders.*1

*1 All related parties involved with DENSO (customers, shareholders and other investors, suppliers, regional community members, and employees)

Examples of Initiatives

  • We promote activities that are tailored to the actual circumstances of each country and region in collaboration with regional community members.
  • We focus on the social issues facing each country and region and work to provide solutions to these issues together with our Group companies.
  • By effectively leveraging the resources we possess, we engage in activities that utilize the skills and know-how of our employees

Specific Initiatives

Based on the social demand in each region of operation, we are promoting corporate citizenship activities that center on the following three fields.

1. Harmony with the environment

We work to protect the natural environment in local communities and contribute to the conservation of the global environment.

2. Ensuring safety and security in communities

To provide resolutions to the problems facing each community, we carry out activities that contribute to the safety and security of local communities, starting with traffic safety education.

3. Hitozukuri

A. Youth development

To cultivate the human resources that will oversee the next generation, we support educational activities related to science, technologies, and technical skills. We also support educational activities that contribute to the sustainability of society.


B. Welfare of people with disabilities

We support the self-reliance of people who wish to participate in society and provide them with opportunities to do so.

Systems to Support the Independent Activities of Employees Creating an Environment That Encourages Employee Participation

Through efforts to support the volunteer activities of our employees, we strive to create an environment in which employees independently participate in corporate citizenship activities.

Forming Connections with Local Communities Distribution of Information

Through the active distribution of information and mutual communication, we are working to deepen the trust-based relationships we have with our stakeholders.