Responsibility to Global and Local Communities

Basic Stance

To continue to earn the trust and understanding of local communities and contribute to the sustainable development of society, DENSO is promoting a variety of corporate citizenship activities in all areas where its Group companies operate. In addition, we are preparing systems to heighten the awareness of our employees toward local social issues and encourage them to take action. We also actively support employee participation in volunteer activities.

Priority Areas of the DENSO Group’s Corporate Citizenship Activities

The DENSO Group aims to become an admired company in each community where it operates by undertaking corporate citizenship activities in the following key areas that help resolve local issues.

1. Harmony with the environment

DENSO facilitates the creation of environment-friendly products and, at the same time, promotes the environmental conservation activities as a corporate citizen in communities.

2. Ensuring security and safety in communities

We engage in activities that bring a sense of security to local residents, including traffic-safety initiatives and support for disaster-affected areas.

3. Hitozukuri (human resource development)

We offer programs that show the joy of monozukuri (manufacturing) to local children and that assist persons with disabilities in becoming self-reliant.

Notional Diagram of Corporate Citizenship Activities

Specific Initiatives

Activities that demonstrate the unique characteristics of DENSO (DENSO corporate citizenship activities)

Through the promotion of one-of-a-kind corporate citizenship activities that are able to demonstrate the unique characteristics of DENSO, we are working to build a company trusted and understood by local communities.

1 Harmony with the environment

DENSO is promoting a variety of environmental conservation activities in collaboration with local communities. In accordance with the Company-established ECO VISION 2025 and through a focus on environmental conservation in all of the areas where we operate, we are promoting kikkakezukuri(catalyst creation) to renew awareness of the importance of environmental conservation in as many employees as possible.

In conjunction with World Environment Day (June 5), each Group company carried out environmental conservation activities as part of the Green & Clean theme of the One Denso Action campaign.

Cleanup and tree planting activities (DMBR, Brazil) City government employees and local residents participating in cleanup and tree planting activities at a local park
Rouge River cleanup activities (DIAM, U.S.A.) Employees and their families participating in cleanup activities at the Rouge River, which is located close to a Group company
Mangrove planting activities (Thai DENSO Group) Employee volunteers plant 2,500 mangrove seedlings on the shoreline and carry out forest cleanup activities
Loggerhead turtle protection activities (DENSO Corporation, Toyohashi Plant, Japan) Creating sandy areas for the loggerhead sea turtle while observing the beach and the various living organisms on the coast

2 Ensuring security and safety in communities

The DENSO Group pursues safety- and security-related technology development and manufacturing to protect people’s lives. As a member of the automobile industry, the Group focuses on traffic-safety initiatives to foster a sense of security for pedestrians and other vulnerable road users.

1. Campaign for zero traffic accidents

The DENSO Group is aiming to turn its employees into role models for traffic safety and is conducting a variety of activities in order to contribute to traffic safety in local communities.

Visiting classes at elementary schools (DICH, China) Conducting hands-on traffic safety education at Shanghai Technical Center
Traffic safety awareness activities (DNBR, Brazil) Carrying out awareness-raising activities at a crosswalk near an elementary school commuting route
Visiting classes at elementary schools (DIAT, Thailand) Conducting a visiting lecture at an elementary school using reenactments of various situations, such as wearing helmets when riding double on motorbikes, to teach traffic rules.
Traffic safety awareness activities for seniors (DENSO Corporation, Japan) Conducting a traffic safety program targeting senior citizens. Applying reflective stickers to footwear and pointing out potential dangers involved in taking walks after dark

3 Hitozukuri (human resource development)

1) Development of youth

The DENSO Group has long promoted development of youth. In Japan, in particular, the Group has developed a variety of programs, including the nurturing of boys and girls who are interested in science and the support of college soccer.

Support of FIRST Robotics (DIAM, U.S.A.) Employee volunteers offering technical guidance to high school students competing in a robot-building competition
DENSO Cup Soccer (DENSO Corporation, Japan) Supporting university soccer competitions that will produce the next generation to represent Japan in soccer, including intercollegiate matches and the Prime Minister Cup
DENSO Science School (DENSO Corporation, Japan) Current and retired DENSO employees visiting elementary schools as lecturers to teach science lessons on electromagnets and motors
2) Welfare for persons with disabilities

There are many barriers around us that impede the actions and free movement of persons with disabilities. In hopes of realizing a barrier-free society, DENSO Corporation has been promoting activities with a focus on assisting the self-reliance of persons with disabilities, from supporting Wheelchairs and Friendship Center of Asia (WAFCA), an authorized non-profit organization (NPO) established in 1999, to actively supporting welfare facilities in communities, and more.

Wheelchair donation activities (WAFCA, Thailand) Getting around the school in a donated wheelchair
Wheelchair donation activities (DENSO Group [China]) Inviting persons with disabilities to tour a factory at DMCF (China)
Oita International Wheelchair Marathon support (DENSO KYUSHU Co., Ltd., Japan) Employees participating as administrative volunteers at the world’s top wheelchair marathon competition

Each company in the DENSO Group, both foreign and domestic, actively engages in corporate citizenship activities aimed at resolving local issues. The DENSO Group Heartful Day is held annually with the hope of having even more Group employees participate in these kinds of corporate citizenship activities to further expand the range of these activities on a global scale.